Devolver Digital wants to make the official Stranger Things game

The publisher has pitched the idea to Netflix on Twitter.

With the collapse of Telltale Games, the future of the Stranger Things game the studio was developing with Netflix is now in doubt. Yesterday brought word from Netflix that it was "evaluating other options" for bringing the hit series to consoles and PC, and now prolific indie publisher Devolver Digital has openly pitched for the license on Twitter.

Devolver is pitching Scottish developer NoCode as the studio to deliver on the promise, and anyone who played NoCode's creepy lo-tech horror adventure anthology Stories Untold will know just how in tune with the creepy 80s aesthetic that company is.

To their credit, Devolver Digital has also reached out to former Telltale employees regarding new jobs, a position backed up by NoCode's Jon McKellan, who posted a series of tweets in which he admitted that of course they would love to work on Stranger Things, but that the fate of Telltale's staff - fired without warning and no severance pay - was the more pressing issue. "Whilst hoping your favorite project, whether it be Stranger Things or the conclusion of TWD, gets released," he posted, "remember that you can't have those things *without the people*".

Meanwhile, the shockwaves from Telltale's dramatic cull are still being felt across the games industry, prompting a fresh wave of debate over working conditions and the value placed on brands rather than the people who work on them.

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