Fallout 76 beta trial announced for October

The in-game intro movie has also been released.

Bethesda Softworks has confirmed that there will be a beta trial for Fallout 76 - or a Break-It Early Test Application to the use the acronym-happy game's description. The trial debuts early on Xbox One, from October 23, with PS4 and PC joining on October 30. The game itself launches on November 14, of course.

To warm up the crowd for this multiplayer survival take on the acclaimed apocalyptic role-playing saga, Bethesda has also released the in-game intro movie which sets up the world of Fallout 76 and hits all the expected beats - chintzy Americana, cheesy public information films, ominous nuclear foreshadowing - in familiar style.

Once again, the beta kicks off on October 23 for Xbox One, October 30 for PS4 and PC, and the game launches two weeks after that on November 14. See you in the wasteland.

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