All Ascendant Chest locations in Destiny 2: Forsaken

Learn where to find every Ascendant Chest set in Destiny 2's rotating weekly Triumph treasure hunt.

If you’ve been exploring Destiny 2’s Dreaming City, you’ll know that there are plenty of secrets hidden across the eerie landscape. One of the toughests sets to hunt down is the Ascendant Chests, thanks to many of them being tucked away in some pretty hard to access areas.

The locations of the chests is reset each week, rotating between a few different spawn locations. Don’t worry if you miss out on a certain set as eventually they’ll be used again in a future week. Anyone who manages to find all of the chests each week will be given a new Triumph.

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All Ascendant Chest locations

Before you begin the hunt for chests, it’s worth noting that you won’t be able to access any of them without using a Tincture of Queensfoil. You need to have the Ascendance buff applied in order for the platforms leading to the chests to appear. The buff only lasts 30 minutes, so make sure you have enough Tincture of Queensfoil to resupply yourself if needed.

As mentioned above, the Ascendant Chests come in different location sets. So far we have the locations of all chests in the Hidden Riches, Bolder Fortunes and War Chests sets, but more are on the way soon! Again, if you miss out on a particular set, you’ll need to wait for it to cycle round again in a future week. We’ll update this guide as the locations for each set are discovered.

Thanks to our friends at Shacknews for use of their wonderful chest location gifs.

Hidden Riches Ascendant Chests

Hidden Riches Ascendant Chest 1

Your first stop on the journey to all ten Hidden Riches Ascendant Chests is the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector. Make your way there (it’s behind the Divalian Mists fast travel point) and head inside then out to the right in the lake area. Drive across the lake to the clump of rocks and climb up. The platforms will appear on the right of the rocks, and you’ll only need a couple of jumps to reach the chest.

Hidden Riches Ascendant Chest 2

The second Hidden Riches chest is located near the Blind Well. Make your way there and enter the building, ignoring the enemies. As you enter the vestibule and walk forwards to the next door, as long as you have the ascendant buff active the first platform will appear in front of you on the left side of the door. From there the platforms will circle the room, meaning you’ll need to climb up and up until they eventually head outside the door, high in the air.

Hidden Riches Ascendant Chest 3

The next chest is hidden away in the Spine of Keres. From the Divalian Mist, head towards the Oracle temple, passing through the blue tunnel. Pass through the Oracle room and then follow the path out the back until you reach the second to last bridge. There should be a doorway in the wall to the left when coming off the bridge. Turn away from this and look out over the edge into the mists. The platform will spawn in front of you here if you stand on the rocks. Jump out and  follow the path out and up to the chest.

Hidden Riches Ascendant Chest 4

The fourth chest can be found in the Confluence, underneath the Spine of Keres. You’ll need to use one of the Taken portals to access it, and then look for the platforms to appear in one of the doorways here. They’ll follow a path through the tops of archways that you’ll need to crouch under, but follow them along and you’ll end up above the center of the room with the Ascendant Chest.

Hidden Riches Ascendant Chest 5

Ascendant Chest #5 in the Hidden Riches set is in Rheasilvia, way down in Harbinger’s Seclude. Follow the hallways through Rheasilvia until you reach the larger, open room with some building in an a crack in the wall. Pass through this room to the next area with the large statue standing out on a platform at the end. Before you run over the final walkway to the statue, turn to the right at the ring with lights on either side and the platforms will appear over the edge. You’ll need to jump backwards and up into the room to reach the chest. Be warned that enemies below will continue to shoot you as you do this.

Hidden Riches Ascendant Chest 6

The next Ascendant Chest is also in Rheasilvia, this time outside the front of the main building. Facing the building near the doorway, turn to the right and look over the the edge of the platform to see a walkway along the cliff edge. Jump along the different cliff face platforms here, jumping out to the right until you end up on the small rock pillar poking out from the mist. From here you can jump up on top of the larger rock structure using a small ledge. Once you’re up there, turn round and the platform will appear out in the mist ahead. Jump between the flat and tilted platforms to find the chest.

Hidden Riches Ascendant Chest 7

For the seventh Hidden Riches Ascendant Chest you need to reach the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector in Rheasilvia. Either make your way through the Sector to the balcony at the end or use the lights as you pass under it from the entrance as platforms to boost you up to the end. Turn back and look over the balcony edge to see the first platform. You only need to jump up a couple to reach the chest.

Hidden Riches Ascendant Chest 8

The eight chest sees you on a trip to The Strand. This one is pretty simple as it’s on top of the ring of the circular structure held up by thin pillars near where Petra can usually be found. You can either jump up the platforms from near to Petra or jump up the hill with small trees on next to the building. Once on top the single platform will appear in the air in the centre of the ring.

Hidden Riches Ascendant Chest 9

The ninth Hidden Riches Ascendant Chest is also in The Strand, this time in the Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector. Fight through the sector until you’ve reached the chest at the end, but don’t drop down over the cliff edge to the exit. Turn to the right instead and the chest will be sitting on the ground when you run over to the wall.

Hidden Riches Ascendant Chest 10

The final chest in the Hidden Riches set is in the beautiful Gardens of Esila. Run over to the large main bridge in the garden and look over the edge and up to the side to see the first platform (it should be in the direction of the circular platform with five pillars on. Jump along the series of platforms to reach the last chest and complete the full Hidden Riches Ascendant Chest collection. Congratulations are in order as you can now earn the Hidden Riches triumph!

Bolder Fortunes Ascendant Chests

Bolder Fortunes Ascendant Chest 1

You’ll find the first chest in the Lost Sector near to the Divalian Mists fast travel point. Make your way through the caves in the Bay of Drowned Wishes, and when you come out and turn right,  look across the fog ahead for the rocky outcrops on the left. The chest is sitting at the top of the large rocky mound with a tree on top.

Bolder Fortunes Ascendant Chest 2

For the second chest you need to head to the Spine of Keres. Starting from the Divalian Mists again, head forward and take the crystal tunnel on your left. Pass through the Oracle temple and follow the path round the other side. As you’re crossing bridges along this path,. Move to the outward edge of the second to last one and the platforms will appear above the fog over the edge of the bridge.

Bolder Fortunes Ascendant Chest 3

You’ll need to take the same route here as for the second quest, following the path from the Divalian Mists to the Spine of Keres. Once there, stick to the left side of the arena and you’ll reach a bridge. Jump off the right side of the bridge onto the path below and follow this down to the portal. Take it and keep going through the tunnels here to reach the Confluence.  

The platforms will be close to the entrance to the large black cavern. You’ll need to jump back and forth up towards the top of the doorway and through the ring. A large structure will appear here. All you need to do is walk round it to the other side and look for a platform just below the edge. Drop onto this and follow the tight path underneath the main bulk of the structure to find the chest in the center.

Bolder Fortunes Ascendant Chest 4

Starting from the Divalian Mists fast travel point again, head to the path towards Rheasilvia. Instead of entering the tunnel here, walk past it to the cliff edge over the crystal tunnel and the platforms will appear. You’ll need to jump back and forth between several oddly shaped platforms to reach the height of the chest.

Bolder Fortunes Ascendant Chest 5

For the fifth Ascendant Chest we’ll be starting from Divalian Mists again, but this time heading into Rheasilvia proper. Head straight ahead, take the rocky tunnel and once the text pops up announcing you’ve arrived in Rheasilvia, turn left. There should be a ledge up on the cliff you can climb up to before jumping back over to the right. Keep going along these platforms to reach a large blue statue (you might remember this from our Cat locations guide). Turning away from the statue, take a right and jump up behind the tree. Walk to the edge of the rocks here and the platforms should start appearing. Make your way over them to reach the Ascendant Chest.

Bolder Fortunes Ascendant Chest 6

To find the sixth Ascendant Chest you’ll need to travel far into Rheasilvia. From the travel point, enter the building and keep going through the hallways until you reach Harbinger’s Seclude. When you enter the huge open cavern with an opening view out to the left, you’re in the right place. Travel to the lookout spot and when you’re standing on the circle the platforms will appear on your right side if looking out into the fog. Scale them for the Ascendant Chest.

Bolder Fortunes Ascendant Chest 7

The next chest in the Bolder Fortunes set is in Rheasilvia again, this time in the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector. You can reach this through the canyons, and once you’re inside you simply need to take out the enemies before running onto the central pathway in the large cavern room. You’ll see the platforms appear in the air up above you.

Bolder Fortunes Ascendant Chest 8

This Ascendant Chest is reached through the The Strand’s Lost Sector, Aphelion’s Rest. Fight your way through this to the boss chest, then turn around and head towards the blue statue. There should be a boulder next to it you can climb up onto. Once on top of this, the platforms should appear.

Bolder Fortunes Ascendant Chest 9

The penultimate Ascendant Chest from the Bolder Fortunes set is reached from The Strand again. Head to the massive statue in the center of the area, then use the hill behind it to jump up on top. Walk forwards towards the lip and the first platform should appear. This is a pretty tough climb, but you’ll need to jump between a series of thin slices of platform  as you make your way higher, eventually reaching a larger structure. Jumping round and up this, you’ll be able to enter through the top, dropping onto a platform with the Ascendant Chest.

Bolder Fortunes Ascendant Chest 10

The tenth and final Ascendant Chest from the Bolder Fortunes collection is in the Garden of Eslia on the south end of The Strand. Once in the garden, travel past the bridge in the center and reach the lookout point. Walk to the edge here to spot the first platform. It’ll appear as a large, round disc floating vertically. Jump on top then turn to the right, and the next one will appear as you get near to the edge. Follow these along to obtain the last chest. You can now claim the Bolder Fortunes Triumph!

War Chests Ascendant Chests

War Chests Ascendant Chest 1

To kick off the your hunt for the War Chest collection, you’ll need to travel to the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost sector. It’s the one you can reach behind the Divalian Mists fast travel point. Enter the Lost Sector and fight your way to the boss room. Jump up onto the rocks here and you’ll be able to see the first platform on the path to the Ascendant Chest.

War Chests Ascendant Chest 2

The next chest is in the Divilian Mists again, and you’ll want to head towards the Blind Well. Instead of entering the doorway, jump up the cliffs to the right and follow the ledges along until the platforms appear in the air to your right.

War Chests Ascendant Chest 3

The third War Chests Ascendant Chest is a bit of a pain to spot, but isn’t too hard to reach if you know where it is. Head to the Spine of Keres from Divalian Mists and up the slope to the tower with the Oracle in. When you reach the first arena, take the left path round the back of the observatory. When you’re up on the balcony above the oracle, you’ll need to jump round the right side of the tower (while facing it) and the platform will appear in the air in front of you. Jump from platform to platform round the tower until you’ve nearly done a full circuit. The final platform with the Ascendant Chest will then be further out, away from the tower.

War Chests Ascendant Chest 4

The fourth War Chests Ascendant Chest can be found in the underground tunnels of the Confluence. From the Spine of Keres, use the Taken portal for follow the paths until you reach the Confluence. The platform will appear in the air to the right of the main stairway down to the portal in the middle of the room. You’ll need to jump between each platform as they circle the room.

War Chests Ascendant Chest 5

The fifth Ascendant Chest is found in Rheasilvia’s Harbinger’s Seclude, right next to Huginn’s Skull. There are no platforms to hop between here (hooray!), you simply need to approach the Skull and the chest will appear on the floor to your right. While you’re here, make sure to top up your supply of Tincture of Queensfoil if you’re running low.

War Chests Ascendant Chest 6

Still in Rheasilvia, the next in the War Chests collection can be found right outside the entrance to the main building of the region. From the balcony in front of the building, look out over the area and you’ll see the first platform you need to jump to. Each platform is just out of sight from the last, meaning you need to jump along the line of the platform and look for the next to appear before you. Then turn left and jump straight on to see the next. Finally, turn right and you’ll see

This next Ascendant Chest is located outside the front of the main building in Rheasiliva. Use the balcony that looks over the building and surrounding area to spot the first platform. These platforms are quite far from one another, making it difficult to see them unless you start jumping. Jump to the first platform and then follow its trajectory to find the first disc. Turn left and jump out straight to find the next platform, then turn and jump forward and right (like you’re zigzagging towards the building) to see the next. From here you should see a series of vertical slices of platform appearing you need to climb up to reach the Ascendant Chest.

War Chests Ascendant Chest 7

The seventh Ascendant Chest in this set can be found in the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector in Rheasilvia. Once you’re inside, look up above you for a balcony  on the wall to the right. You could fight through the entire Lost Sector to reach this, or instead you can simply jump up on the lights either side then hop up to the balcony itself. From here the platforms will be visible so jump over to them to get the chest.

War Chests Ascendant Chest 8

The eighth in the War Chests set is in the Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector in The Strand. You’ll need to complete the Sector, but as you reach the drop at the end, stop and look to the left. The platforms will appear on the left side of the ledge. Follow them to reach the Ascendant Chest.

War Chests Ascendant Chest 9

The ninth chest in the War Chest Triumph set is also in The Strand, this time close to the path towards the garden. There’s a small viewing platform here and from it you’ll be able to see the platforms appear as they circle a pillar here. Jump up them then move on to the next pillar. Keep going and you’ll find the Ascendant Chest on the third pillar.

War Chests Ascendant Chest 10

The ultimate War Chests Ascendant Chest is located in the Garden of Esila. Head into the garden and keep to the left. Looking over the edge you’ll eventually spot a rocky island pillar a short distance out, so leap over to it and you’ll see the platforms materialize. Keep jumping between them as you head towards the Taken Blight. And you’ll eventually reach the chest. With the last chest secured, make sure you claim your reward from the Triumph.

Congratulations! That’s all the Ascendant Chest locations we have so far, but we’ll update this guide as more sets are added in future weeks, so be sure to check back with us then. Of course, we have plenty more Destiny 2 guides to keep you occupied in the meantime here on AllGamers. Here’s how to get Luna’s Howl, while in over here you can learn where to find Wanted: Downpour Captain in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

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