How to unlock characters for Call of Duty Blackout

The unlock requirements for Blackout characters in Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4's Blackout game mode is the latest battle royale to storm the gaming world. Unlike the clothes or skins options of other games, in Blackout there are 28 characters to unlock to personalise your battle to the death. Unlocking each Blackout character requires you to complete challenges in the game mode itself and others in Black Ops 4. Here's what you need to know to get all 28 Blackout characters unlocked.

How to unlock characters in Blackout

All 28 unlockable Blackout characters require you to complete a challenge of some kind. Some of these involve finding an item in the game mode you're in, completing an objective while you're holding the item and then also finishing the match in a specific placement. You can't find the item in one game and then complete the objective in another, this must all be done in a single game. To recap: Find the item, complete the objective, finish the match in the placement required. For each game mode below we've listed the Blackout characters you can unlock and their requirements.

Blackout unlocks



Quest/Objective(s) Match Placement
Reznov  Pending...    
Mason  Pending...    
Woods Find the bandanna Get in a helicopter during a match Win the match
Menendez Find the locket Kill an enemy with melee
Kill an enemy with a shotgun
Finish the match
Ranger Echelon 20
Frogman Echelon 40
Airborne Echelon 60
Seal Echelon 80
Battle Hardened Echelon 80 Prestige

Zombies unlocks

Character Item Quest/Objective(s) Match Placement
Shadow Man Own the Blackout Pass
Dempsey Find the Death Machine Kill zombies Top 10
Nikolai Find the Cymbal Monkey Kill zombies Top 10
Richtofen Find the Ray Gun Kill zombies Top 5
Takeo Find the Katana Kill zombies Top 10
Bruno Pending...    
Diego Pending...    
Scarlett Find the Racing Goggles and Scarf Pending...
Shaw Pending...    

Multiplayer unlocks

Character Item

Quest / Objective(s)

Match Placement
Battery Find a War Machine Get kills with the War Machine Top 15
Firebreak Find the Burned Doll Get a kill with fire Finish the match
Nomad Pending...    
Prophet Pending...    
Ruin Craft the Grapple Gun Top 15
Seraph Find the Annihilator Get kills with the Annihilator Top 15
Ajax Collect 3 Armor Plates from players Finish the match
Crash Find the poker chip End the match with 15 healing items Top 8
Recon Find the I Ching Coins Do not get damaged by the Collapse Top 7
Torque Find the Note from Torque Destroy 2 Razor Wires and 1 Barricade Top 7

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