Guide to breaking throws in Soul Calibur 6

A look at how to break different throw types in Soul Calibur 6.

If you recently started playing Soul Calibur 6, you may find yourself struggling to master the art of breaking throws. For those unfamiliar, to “break” a throw essentially means to block or prevent it from landing. Knowing how to break throws is extremely important, especially when it comes to self-preservation during a fight.

Of course, breaking throws isn’t as simple as hitting a button. Instead, there are several different throw types in Soul Calibur 6 to learn. Once you recognize these throw types, you’ll be better prepared to break them. To help clarify everything, we’ve put together a guide featuring everything you need to know about breaking throws in Soul Calibur 6!

Ways to Break Throws in Soul Calibur 6

To successfully break throws in Soul Calibur 6, you'll first need to identify which throw type is which.

Because there are different throw types in Soul Calibur 6, there are also different ways to break throws. Before you can learn how to break throws, you’ll first need to familiarize yourself with the three main throw types in Soul Calibur 6. First, there are Character Throws which have inputs specific to each character.

Next, you can either Forward Throw or Back Throw. To Forward Throw, press A+G. To Back Throw, press Back + A + G. Most of the throws you encounter will be either Forward or Back, as Character Throws vary between characters but typically stay within the realm of Forward and Back throws.

As their name suggests, Back Throws throw your opponent behind you while Forward Throws knock them forward out of the ring. Keeping these strategies in mind, you can begin to master the art of breaking throws in Soul Calibur 6. Below, we’ve listed the ways in which you can break throws in Soul Calibur 6.

  • Back Throw Break - Back + A, Back + B, Back + K
  • Forward Throw Break - A, B, K
The more you play Soul Calibur 6, the easier it'll be to identify and break different throw types.

To break throws successfully, you’ll need to react quickly. When you see an opponent gearing up to launch a Back Throw, use one of the break throw commands specific to Back Throws to break their attack. To do this, first use Back, then select either A, B, or K. Forward Throws are easier to break as they can be broken by hitting A, B, or K.

The more you play Soul Calibur 6, the more natural it’ll feel to recognize and break throws. You can then incorporate different strategies into the mix such as using Guard before your break throw. Essentially, to Guard is to block. By blocking, you’ll be better prepared for your break throw.

We recommend experimenting with each character, learning their unique Character Throws to identify whether they’re Forward or Back in nature, and mastering the art of break throw timing. In doing so, you’ll quickly become a fighting pro in Soul Calibur 6! For more on Soul Calibur 6, be sure to check out some of our previous guides including how to unlock Inferno in Soul Calibur 6, and ways to get Tira in Soul Calibur 6.

By reading through this guide, you should now be familiar with breaking throws in Soul Calibur 6.

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