Warship Inspiration to Usher in Era Of Peace

One of the largest and most dreaded battleships of the Galactic War is being decommissioned, transforming it into the forum where the first Galactic Congress will convene.

CITY OF TRUCE, URANUS (Interstellar News Network) – It is an unusually quiet day in Truce, as people from all over the Three Systems gather at the Society of Nation Planets’ interplanetary capitol to witness history first hand. Many cast glances to the sky and gather near viewscreens, hoping to see the massive battlecruiser, Inspiration, as it emerges from its quantum tunnel to dock with the space elevator station.

For some, the ship represents humanity’s greatest hope, while others consider it a symbol of our darkest time. It’s been three years since the Galactic War tore across the colonies, leaving a trail of ruin and destruction in its wake. As one of the three largest warships ever built, the Inspiration’s original mission was to destroy Earth and its allies.

Its capture marked a turning point for the war, and it soon became the mobile flagship for humanity’s effort to reclaim the colonies. The ship is now the closest it has ever been to the cradle of humanity, and the first Galactic Congress will convene on it shortly after it is disarmed. Transforming a weapon of war into a symbol of cooperation and peace is the first step in the ongoing mission to prevent another war from starting.

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Some thought this day would never come. The war left many colonies shattered, requiring years to rebuild. At the same time, there were factions that sought to undermine the reconstruction and profit by provoking more armed conflicts. After initial talks between The Mankind Expeditionary Armed Forces, the Society of Nation Planets, and the Congregation of Sensates broke down, peace between the factions seemed unlikely. But at today’s ceremony, the galaxy’s sovereign systems... Sol, Proxima Centauri, and Zodiac (formerly Sirius) may finally be ready to agree to peace.

Captain Christopher Pietham, who was hand-picked by Expeditionary High Command to take charge of the Inspiration, will oversee security as the warship is officially decommissioned. Pietham is a highly decorated leader who has been a key peacekeeping figure during colonial reconstruction.

"It is our task to provide a smooth transition – turning the flagship of our resistance during the war into the symbol of hope that humanity needs right now,” said Pietham as the Inspiration readied for launch. “You can count on me and my crew to ensure that the Inspiration will dock safely at Truce without a hitch."

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Although the Ascent Fleet hasn’t been seen since the battle at Monumental, which ended the war, recent terror attacks at vulnerable colonies have put authorities on high alert. It is believed that the Galactic Congress members will be escorted by multiple Sixth Vowel practitioners for protection as they make their way across the city and toward the indestructible ship.

As preparations continue, police and surveillance systems will remain vigilant to ensure Truce continues to live up to its peaceful namesake. INN will broadcast the negotiations to colonies across the Three Systems as they take place, so keep your data screens and augments linked for all the latest news and developments.

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