How to get Destiny 2's Haunted Forest rewards

What can you get for braving Destiny 2's latest limited time event? Here's the Haunted Forest rewards.

The Festival of the Lost returns this year and not only is it the perfect opportunity to celebrate halloween in style, but it also comes with its own special loot and rewards. First you’ll need to gain access to the Haunted Forest and face your Nightmares, but once you do you can get your hands on a light level 600 auto rifle.

How do you find the Haunted Forest?

The Haunted Forest is hidden within the Infinity Forest on Mercury, but you’ll access it from the Tower. Opening the Tower map will show the shortcut highlighted in blue. You can’t miss it. But you’ll need to perform a few steps to make sure they to gain access. Amanda Holliday has some things she needs from you:

  • Talk to Amanda Holliday in her Hangar in the Tower
  • Head over to the Rupture on Io and finish the mission: ‘Festival of the Lost… Sector’
  • Talk to Holliday again for another special mission: ‘And Miles to Go Before I Sleep
  • Accept the mission from the Tower map
  • Reach the end of the Haunted Forest and defeat the Nightmare there
  • Finally, talk to Holliday again. She’ll give you the Fighting Lion Catalyst and give you access to the Haunted Forest

What rewards are in the Haunted Forest?

That wasn’t so hard, was it? Now all you have to do is head on over to the Haunted Forest and start collecting Fragmented Souls. Every time you enter the Haunted Forest you’ll have 15 minutes to delve as deep as possible and defeat anything that moves. As you go you'll earn Fragmented Souls. Collect 120 and Horror Story, a 600 power auto rifle, is yours! You only have until the end of the Festival of the Lost to grab it, so you best get a move on. Good luck, Guardian.

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