How to get Destiny 2's 600 power auto rifle Horror Story

Become intimately familiar with the Haunted Forest as you grind for 120 Fragmented Souls.

One of the big rewards from this year’s Festival of the Lost halloween event in Destiny 2 is an auto rifle appropriately named Horror Story. Appropriately named not just because it’s in keeping with the spooky vibe of the season, but also because it describes what you’ll need to go through in order to obtain it. Getting your hands on Horror Story requires repeated trips to the Haunted Forest in order to gather the 120 Fragmented Souls necessary to purchase the weapon from Amanda Holliday.

Fragmented Souls will only be available during the Festival of the Lost event, which ends on November 6th. You can get hold of them by completing bounties for Amanda Holliday and by exploring the Haunted Forest. Not sure how to get there? We’ve got you covered.

Once you’ve gained access to the Haunted Forest, you’ll need to make it to at least branch 7 to get hold of around 9 Fragmented Souls. Yes, there’s a bit of a grind ahead.

But Amanda Holliday’s bounties may be able to cut down the number of trips you need to take to the spooky woods. She offers a selection of daily bounties, each of which reward one Fragmented Soul. But there’s also a weekly bounty which will spit out 40. All you need to do is complete 15 daily bounties within the week. Don’t forget, Destiny weeks run from Tuesday to Tuesday.

Once you’ve gained your 120 Fragmented Souls, go chat to Amanda. She’ll reward you with your scary new weapon, which has a guaranteed power level of 600. Great for those in need of a bit of a light level jump.

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