How to craft a quiver of poison arrows in Red Dead Redemption 2

Learn how to craft a deadly quiver of poison arrows.

While there’s nothing wrong with using regular arrows in Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll eventually want an arrow that has a little more kick to it, especially when hunting some of the game’s more fearsome beasts. Even one of the game’s Survivalist challenges tasks you with crafting a poison arrow, so this guide will explain how you can do just that.

How to Craft Poison Arrows

To craft certain in-game items, you’ll need to first purchase the Recipe Pamphlet from the Fence in Rhodes. You will eventually go to this location as part of the story, so don't worry if you haven't discovered this area yet. Once there, browse through the vendor’s goods and purchase the pamphlet if he has it in stock. If that particular vendor doesn’t have it, then hunt down another Fence in a different location. Once you have Recipe Pamphlet for crafting Poison Arrows, you’ll need to obtain the following ingredients:

  • Arrow
  • Feather
  • Oleander Plant

Both the Arrow and Feather are easy to get. You can buy Arrows from any General Store or Gunsmith, while the Feather is acquired by hunting birds. However, the Oleander Plant is a little trickier to find. The one we found was west of Saint Denis, a short distance across the river. To craft the Poison Arrow, enter the crafting screen. This can be done by interacting with a fire, or by pressing and holding Triangle/Y. Arthur will take a knee and the option to craft will pop up. If you have all the ingredients listed above and have read the Recipe Pamphlet, then the option to craft the Poison Arrow can be chosen.


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