Where to find Benedict Allbright in Red Dead Redemption 2

Find out where Benedict Allbright is and how to capture him.

There are plenty of ways to make a quick buck in Red Dead Redemption 2. In fact, Arthur Morgan is willing to do just about anything as long as the gold continues to flow. The life of an outlaw can be tough in the Old West, so sometimes you have to make good in order to survive. As you journey your way around the game’s various towns, you’ll see Wanted posters pop up in the local Sheriff’s office. If you decide to pick up and read a Wanted poster, you’ll get the opportunity to dish out some justice as well as make and a few dollars along the way. This guide will help kickstart your bounty hunting career by helping you hunt down Benedict Allbright.

Where is Benedict Allbright?

Conditions: Capture Alive

Crimes: Selling harmful substances and posing them as miracle medicine

Location: North of Valentine on the Dakota River

Once you have entered the Sheriff’s office and read the Wanted poster, you’ll be given a quest to find and apprehend Benedict Allbright. Thankfully, Red Dead Redemption gives us a helping hand and marks his approximate location on the map. Set a waypoint at the end of the road near the search area, then take your trusty steed and ride into the night. Benedict Allbright will be near the river with his horse and a campfire.

A short cinematic will play, and when it’s over you’ll need to stop Benedict Allbright from getting away. Your target will jump into the river and attempt to swim away, so grab your horse and follow him along the river bank, crossing as soon as you hear the audio cue to do so. Upon catching up to Benedict Allbright, equip your lasso and drag him out of the drink and onto dry land, then hogtie him and pop him on the back of your horse. Once your captive is safely secured, return him to the Sheriff’s office in Valentine for your cash reward. Sometimes it pays to be the good guy.


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