What to use Legendary Bear Pelt for in Red Dead Redemption 2

So you've killed a Legendary Bear, now what? Turn its skin into fabulous fashion!

Early on in your travels in Red Dead Redemption 2 you may encounter a Legendary Bear. There are a number of legendary animals throughout Red Dead Redemption 2's map, and killing each of them will net you some legendary crafting gear. In this bear's case, skinning it will gift you a Legendary Bear Pelt, and here's what to do once you've gotten it.

What to use Legendary Bear Pelts for in Red Dead Redemption 2

As with most hunting rewards, there are things you can craft with Legendary Bear Pelt, or you can sell it at a hunting or general store. But given the auspicious and rare nature of this pelt, you'll definitely want to wear it.

Find a trapper in Red Dead Redemption 2's vast wilderness and he'll list out for you all the things he can make using that tough bear skin you've won.

The Bear Hunter outfit consists of a hat, coat, roper and riding gloves and they're all extremely durable (and quite expensive). Bring the Trapper the Legendary Bear Pelts and you can buy each of the items individually. The Legendary Bear Head Hat costs $40 but does sit a bear's head on top of your head. It only requires one Legendary Bear Pelt to craft.

The Legendary Bear Coat costs $28, but in addition to a Legendary Bear Pelt it requires a Perfect Bison Pelt as well, so make sure you know how to hunt well in Red Dead Redemption 2 so you can get the best quality hides from Bison.

The Legendary Bear Roper costs $34 and in addition to a Legendary Bear Pelt you'll need a Perfect Bull Hide, so again be stealthy and use your bow and arrow for that one.

And finally, to complete the look, the Boar Riding Gloves don't actually need any Legendary Bear Pelts, just a Perfect Boar Pelt and two Perfect Rabbit Pelts.


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