How to access your flashlight in Fallout 76

Cast aside the darkness with Fallout 76's flashlight.

Fallout 76’s post-apocalyptic world can get pretty creepy at times, especially when you’re travelling through the wasteland at night. Wandering through dimly lit train stations, long-forgotten settlements, and abandoned vaults isn’t exactly pleasant at the best of times, but these places become even worse when cloaked in darkness. Thankfully, players can cast aside the shadows by turning on their Pip-Boy’s flashlight.

So, how do you turn on the flashlight?

PS4 and Xbox One players can turn on the flashlight by holding the Circle/B button, while those on PC can assign any key they wish to use. The Fallout 76 beta didn’t have the option to adjust the in-game brightness, so accessing the Pip-Boy’s flashlight was key during nighttime exploration. Of course, this could change upon the full release of the game in November 14. Either way, it’s always good to know how to turn on Fallout 76’s flashlight to avoid any unwanted frights. 


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