Review | Pinstripe on Nintendo Switch

A moving journey of loss and redemption.

The first time we played through Pinstripe was on PC last year. We remember being surprised at first by how engrossing the story was, and how beautifully dark its atmosphere was. It’s a game that once you start playing, is impossible to put down. Fast-forward to October of 2018, and we find ourselves revisiting Pinstripe once more, this time on Nintendo Switch.

Returning to the world of Pinstripe was both a pleasant and melancholy experience. While we remembered the answers to a few puzzles here and there, and we knew how the story would end, we also noticed a number of things we’d previously missed. For those interested in playing Pinstripe for the first time, the Nintendo Switch is a great place to do it.

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The controls feel intuitive and responsive, and we personally preferred playing the game in handheld mode as opposed to seated in front of a PC monitor. It felt a lot more intimate and worked well with the emotional weight of the game’s story. The game opens on Teddy, a former minister who still dons his shirt and collar. With him is his three-year-old daughter, Bo.

As stated in our previous review, the voice acting in Pinstripe is superb. Bo’s voice matches her precocious personality, and the game’s titular antagonist Pinstripe boasts a rasping growl that makes his presence feel all the more sinister. The gameplay features a mix of exploration and puzzles that are challenging, but not impossibly so.

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We never felt frustrated, even on some of the lengthier puzzles that require you to travel back and forth between areas to solve. What’s more, there are small details strewn throughout the game that make exploration feel genuinely rewarding. Additionally, while you may guess as to the how the story will end, you’ll undoubtedly be swept away by the final impact.

Even though the story is tinged in sadness, there’s also a lot of whimsy to be found as you frolick from one area to the next. Overall, Pinstripe is a game that’s worth playing through more than once. It’s fun, engaging, and touching in all the right ways. Whether you played through Pinstripe before as we did, or are considering playing the game for the first time, we highly recommend checking it out.

If we had to suggest a platform, our opinion is that the game feels more “at home” on Nintendo Switch. Pinstripe is available right now on the Nintendo Switch eShop at a discounted price of $11.99. Don’t own a Switch? No problem! You can also pick up a copy of the game on Steam. For more on Pinstripe and its developer, Thomas Brush, be sure to check out our previous interview with him here. Additionally, Thomas is working on a new game called Once Upon a Coma which we also interview him on

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