The best Cyber Monday 2018 PSVR deals

Want to know the best deals for PSVR during Cyber Monday 2018? We've got 'em!

Ahh, VR. Despite an exciting, novel and impressive premise, the tech has never quite made it in the mainstream. While that’s in part due to a difficulty in selling the experience to those who haven’t tried it, it’s hard to ignore the much larger hurdle of VR’s prohibitively high price tag. Sony’s PSVR is undoubtedly the cheapest of the bunch, but even that will set you back a good $200, and that’s without taking into account the cost of the camera and various controller peripherals you may also want.

Thank goodness then that Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer to chance to nab yourself some expensive gaming gear at a reduced price! PSVR has had a pretty decent year when it comes to interesting new launches, which means Cyber Monday 2018 may be the time you decide you're ready to pay out. Below you'll find all of the best Cyber Monday deals we've found so far for Sony's PSVR headset.

The bestCyber Monday 2018 PSVR deals

The best Black Friday 2018 PSVR deals © Sony
© Sony Interactive Entertainment

Best Buy


  • PlayStation VR Astro Bot Bundle - $199


  • PlayStation VR Bundle - $299.99 ($100 savings)


  • PlayStation VR Bundle w/Creed: Rise to Glory and Superhot - $249.99
  • PlayStation VR Bundle w/Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Moss - $249.99


(Available Nov 18-26)

  • Save $100 on all PSVR bundles
  • PSVR CREED: Rise to Glory and Superhot VR Bundle - $249.99
  • PSVR Astro Bot and Moss Bundle - $199.99


  • PSVR Astro Bot Bundle + $60 Kohl's Cash - $199.99 (Available Nov 22-23)
The best Black Friday 2018 PSVR deals © Sony Interactive Entertainment
© Sony Interactive Entertainment

Best Buy, GameStop and Target's deals all include a $100 reduction on all PSVR bundles they offer, so you'll be able to choose your favorite from a selection rather than being limited to Gran Turismo. Best Buy are even offering some discounts on VR-specific games including Skyrim VR for $29.99 and DOOM VFR for $14.99. GameStop also has a generous range of PSVR game discouts available from Nov 18 including CREED: Rise to Glory, Astro Bot and Firewall Zero Hour.

We’ll be updating this article with all the rest of the Cyber Monday 2018 PSVR sales as and when they’re revealed, so check back again in the coming weeks to see what other sellers will be offering this year. While you're on the Black Friday hunt, check out some of our other deals pages. You'll want a PS4 Pro to make the most of PSVR, though you could always splash out on a 4K TV too for the times you're not wearing the headset! Looking to expand your console shelf? Here are our Cyber Monday 2018 roundups for the Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch. For all the deals we know of so far, visit our Cyber Monday 2018 gaming deals hub!

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