Rumors suggest YouTube app coming to Nintendo Switch

A YouTube app could launch for Nintendo Switch as soon as this coming Thursday, November 8.

Gamers have spotted several clues suggesting that a YouTube app will release on Nintendo Switch this month. Over on the ResetEra forums, users noted that when they search Nintendo’s website for new games to play, a suggestion for a YouTube app comes up.

What’s more, a French website by the name of NintendHome lent credence to the idea that the Nintendo Switch is getting a YouTube app after the site tweeted the compelling image seen below.

In the photo, what appears to be a teaser for a YouTube app is displayed on the Nintendo of America website. The teaser suggests that the app will release to the Nintendo Switch on Thursday, November 8. In other words, Nintendo Switch users could have access to YouTube on the Switch before the end of the week if the image in NintendHome’s tweet is the real deal.

Right now, the only streaming app available on the Nintendo Switch is Hulu, and even that is a somewhat recent release. Interestingly enough, Hulu released on Nintendo Switch last year on Thursday, November 9. Given the time frame, it would certainly be fitting if the YouTube app is indeed scheduled to release for Nintendo Switch this coming Thursday, November 8.

Nintendo could add a YouTube app to the Switch as soon as Thursday, November 8. 
© Nintendo

It would also add functionality to the Switch in terms of searching up information on upcoming games including Pokemon: Let’s Go which releases on November 16, and the new Smash title releasing on December 7.

What do you think of the rumors suggesting the Nintendo Switch is getting a YouTube app this Thursday? Do you think the information is true, or do you think Nintendo is too focused on the impending release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to bother with a YouTube app? Let us know down in the comments below!

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