Where to find and hunt the Legendary Moose in Red Dead Redemption 2

Learn the location of the reclusive Legendary Moose so you can hunt it for a special Trinket.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s regular moose are pretty tough to find, so understandably many players are also having trouble hunting down the location of the rarer Legendary Moose. Fortunately we’ve already scoured the highs and lows of the American wilds to find its location for you. Read on to discover where to find and hunt the Legendary Moose in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Where to find and hunt the Legendary Moose in RDR2

Where to find and hunt the Legendary Moose in RDR2
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The mighty Legendary Moose can only be discovered in the far reaches of Red Dead Redemption 2’s map. To find it, you’ll need to head up to the northeast edge of New Hanover, following the Kamassa River to the border of the world. Travel north of Brandywine Drop/Roanoke Ridge and you’ll see the moose icon appear on your map. It’s here that you need to begin your hunt.

Enter the territory from the west (Doverhill is a good place to start) and you’ll spot a clue on a tree just north of the track. Use your Eagle Eye view to inspect this and follow the trail along south and then east as you find some dung and fur from the target. Finally you’ll be able to spot the Legendary Moose itself, identifiable thanks to its light gray hair and the jump up in size from a regular Western Bull Moose. As it’s a massive animal, we recommend using a long scope rifle or Bow with Improved arrows to take it out, but old moosey is actually quite docile, meaning it should be fairly simple to down him with multiple Dead Eye shots.

Bring down this Legendary beast and you’ll be able to craft the Moose Antler Trinket at a Fence, providing you with a nifty 10% increase to all health XP gains. Not only that, you can even make a tasty dinner from the venison you’ll recover.

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