Fortnite Battle Royale loot locations guide

Where to go for the best loot.

If you’re hoping to win your share of Fortnite Battle Royale matches, knowing where to find the best guns and gear is essential. Fortnite randomizes loot to a degree, but there are some places that’ll give you better odds of securing multiple loot chests and some fine weapon gear to set you on the right track. Collected below are the best places to drop for loot in Fortnite Battle Royale — just remember others might be heading there too!

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Anarchy Acres

Up in the centre-north of the map you’ll find Anarchy Acres. The area is filled with large barns to loot from, just remember you might need to build upward to access the upper floor. You’re unlikely to run dry of ammunition or chests to loot here, but be prepared to fight for them. Anarchy Acres is a popular drop zone, so you can almost always expect competition.

Tilted Towers

Those looking for a full on fight from the get go should head here directly. Tilted Towers is the map's biggest complex, and is easily the most popular drop spot. You'll need to grab a weapon early and secure one of the many towers as your own. Early combat will largely be constrained to within tight buildings, making shotguns a prime choice. Once you've locked down your own tower, get a height advantage, building upwards from your tower to snipe down at those still fighting below. Expect plenty of loot, but plenty of action too.

Wailing Wood

Next up we’ve got Wailing Woods. There’s a good selection of building to loot here, but if you head just a little north of the area you’ll find an enormous tower to explore. There are multiple chest spawns here (it seems to guarantee at least two) with excellent loot, meaning it’s a great place to get stocked up if the flight path permits it. There’s even the chance of an epic of legendary weapon up on the top floor, so if you get the chance to glide directly onto the top, take it. There’s also an area to the southwest with loot-filled shipping containers if you want to change it up.

Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park used to be one of the busiest places you’ll find in Fortnite Battle Royale. It's still a popular place on the map, but with the addition of Tilted Towers, the number of players heading here has dropped quite a bit, meaning you'll have a beter shot at winning the early fight here. The suburban compound is filled with small buildings, so your best bet is to land directly on a roof before bashing your way inside. Guns can often be found up on top of houses too, so be sure to check the roofing out once you’ve cleared the area. The gas station on the east is a good starting drop if you can make it first. There’s also a huge, three story complex in the south west with a chest hidden in the garage.

Look slightly further out and you’ll find a multi-level house surrounded by trees to the southwest. It’s best to drop right onto the roof if you can as the attic usually holds plenty of loot. Make sure to check the wall behind the staircase for a chest. Listen out for that all-telling jingle and you'll find it in no time.

Tomato Town

Located just to the southeast of Anarchy Acres, Tomato Town is a medium-sized spot that has a huge restaurant and Gas Station. The restaurant is a great place to grab an easy chest (it's usually tucked behind the counter inside) before heading to the other buildings to loot. There's a nearby tunnel that's worth a visit too as the walls there often hide a secret chest of two. If the area's clear, make sure to smash the town's cars to grab yourself a wealth of metal to build a solid base in the later stage. Just be aware that hitting cars will set off the alarm, so make sure you've wiped out any nearby competition first!

Retail Row

Another popular location for early fights, Retail row has got a good amount of loot to grab. Your best however is to head to the barn to the east. It’s a small, fenced-in plot north east of the section labelled on the map. The big red barn is the place you want to check, but if you couldn’t fly directly via the bus, you’ll need to break your way in, as there’s no direct entrance. Either way you should head to the upper floor for the best loot.

Greasy Grove

If you’re looking to drop at Greasy Grove in the western side of the map, look for the large building with a dark roof. The building usually has multiple chests in it, with one guaranteed behind the “Gun” counter in the main section. There’s potential for more towards the western side, too. You can break through the floor to find a hidden room with potential chests. This is another busy spot — especially if the Battle Bus passes nearby — so take extra care.

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