Where to find and hunt Bison in Red Dead Redemption 2

Oh to learn of where the bison roam! Follow our guide and you'll be tracking them across Red Dead Redemption 2 in no time.

There are few animals more synonymous with the Wild West than the American Bison, so it’s no surprise to see many players are keen to see (and hunt) Red Dead Redemption 2’s recreation of the mighty creatures that once dominated the plains of North America. Red Dead Redemption 2 is set at the end of the 19th century, during which bison in America were sadly hunted to the brink of extinction. That means you can’t expect to see them here there and everywhere in game, but there are a few areas in which the virtual buffalo still roam and we’ve found them for you. Read on to learn where to find and hunt Bison in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Where to find and hunt Bison in RDR2

Where to find and hunt Bison in RDR2
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Massive creatures, bison are a great source of crafting materials, and also provide a healthy supply of food for your camp. The majority of Red Dead Redemption 2’s bison roam regions in the Heartlands of New Hanover, but you’ll also find some groups further south in West Elizabeth’s Great Plains. Check the map above, or read the list below for more detailed instructions as to their locations.

  • New Hanover - Buffalo bison can be seen roving the Heartlands, most commonly close to the water supply of Heartland Overflow in the northeast. You’ll also spot them in the west, between Citadel Rock and Caliban’s Seat, as well as central southern Heartlands, just north of the railway.
  • West Elizabeth - Find yourself further south and you’ll also encounter Bison in the Great Plains of West Elizabeth. Explore the central region, southwest of Blackwater and you’ll be sure to run into some before long.

Bison are classed as Massive creatures, and that means if you want a Perfect Pelt you’ll need to use a Long Shot rifle (or bow with improved arrows) to target weak points and bring them down cleanly. Don’t forget to study your targets from afar to assess the quality of their pelts. Once you’re experienced with regular bison, you may want to consider tracking the Legendary White Bison or Legendary Tatanka Bison for the chance to craft a rare Talisman or Trinket.

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