How to get a Decahexatris in Tetris Effect

Hard drop your way to a high score with this special move in Tetris Effect.

In Tetris Effect, players have been wondering how to get a Decahexatris. Unlike straightforward mechanics like building stacks and clearing, the steps needed to get a Decahexatris can feel confusing at first, especially if you’re new to Tetris.

Additionally, the Decahexatris isn’t available in all game modes. For example, you can’t get a Decahexatris while playing Effect Modes, as it’s only available through Journey Mode in Tetris Effect.

To help clarify everything, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to get a Decahexatris in Tetris Effect!

What is a Decahexatris?

A Decahexatris is a special move you can earn while playing Journey Mode in Tetris Effect.
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The first question most people have when learning how to get a Decahexatris is, “What is a Decahexatris?” In Tetris Effect, a Decahexatris is a special move exclusive to the game’s Journey Mode that becomes available after you fill up your Zone Meter. To view your Zone Meter, look for a circle near the bottom left of your Tetris Matrix.

The word “Zone” will display inside this circle. As you clear lines, your Zone Meter will fill. Once it’s completely full, you can then activate it to slow down time. During this period of slowed time, all of your line clears are counted until the effect ends. By getting 16 or more line clears after activating your Zone Meter, you’ll earn the coveted Decahexatris.

How to Get a Decahexatris in Tetris Effect

To get a Decahexatris in Tetris Effect, you’ll need to play through the game’s Journey Mode. There are three different difficulty levels for Journey Mode including Beginner, Normal, and Expert. When looking to get a Decahexatris for the very first time, we recommend starting with the Beginner and Normal difficulty settings.

The reason for this is that, when playing on the Expert setting, Tetriminos fall through the Matrix faster which can make the process of setting yourself up for a Decahexatris rather challenging. After picking a difficulty setting and beginning Journey Mode on the first level (The Deep) you can begin working towards your Decahexatris.

As stated above, the Decahexatris is directly tied to your Zone Meter. To fill your Zone Meter, you’ll need to clear lines. The easiest way to do this (that we've found) is by building a stack of Tetriminos while leaving what’s known as a “well” open on either the left or right side. A “well” is essentially an area of open space near your constructed stack of Tetriminos. Personally, we prefer to have our well open on the right side.

After reaching a stack that’s at least 4 lines high, you can hard drop an I-Tetrimino into your well to earn a “Tetris” (or a line clear comprised of 4 lines). The more of these you earn, the quicker your Zone Meter will fill. After your Zone Meter fills, you’ll need to do the following steps in order to ensure you get a Decahexatris.

Keep an eye on your Zone Meter in the bottom left corner, then activate it when it's full. If you clear 16 or more lines before Zone ends, you'll earn a Decahexatris in Tetris Effect.
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First, have an I-Tetrimino in your Hold Queue. To hold a Tetrimino, tap the R1 button on your controller. Next, build your stack to a minimum of 8 lines high. Note that building higher than 8 lines will make things easier as long as you avoid building too high. The higher your stack, the higher your risk of topping out (hitting the top of the Matrix) which ends the game, forcing you to have to start the process all over again.

After that, wait until another I-Tetrimino appears, then squeeze the left trigger of your PlayStation controller to activate your full Zone Meter. With Zone activated, you’ll have to quickly hard drop your first I-Tetrimino into your well, then tap R1 to bring up the second I-Tetrimino from your Hold Queue. Hard drop your second I-Tetrimino into your well, and you’ll automatically have 8 lines counted.

Now that you’re halfway to your Decahexatris, you’ll need to clear 8 more lines as quickly as possible. Because Zone pushes you up near the top of the Matrix, we recommend performing single and double line clears. If you build higher than this, you risk having a Tetrimino touch the top of the Matrix which prematurely ends your Zone. Keep clearing lines until Zone ends on its own.

Below, we've included an example of how we earned a Decahexatris in Tetris Effect! 

If you managed to clear 16 or more lines before Zone ends, you’ll get a screen notifying you that you scored a Decahexatris! After that, keep playing through Journey Mode and use the Zone Meter whenever it becomes full to master the art of the Decahexatris. Is there something greater than a Decahexatris in Tetris Effect? Actually... yes, there are two!

We discovered that if you clear 18 lines before Zone ends, you unlock something called a “Perfectris.” Note that if you clear 16 and 17 lines, you’ll only get a Decahexatris. You have to clear a full 18 or 19 lines to get a Perfectris. Additionally, if you clear 20 lines before Zone ends, you'll get an "Ultimatris." As of right now, the Ultimatris is the hardest move to pull off in Tetris Effect.

What do you think of the Zone Meter in Tetris Effect? Have you managed to earn a Decahexatris or Perfectris yet? Let us know down in the comments below!

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to get a Decahexatris in Tetris Effect.

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