Fortnite patch adds Xbox One X support and smoke grenades

Also brings leaderboards to F2P battle royale.

Fornite's latest update fixes a whole slew of bugs and adds some anticipated new content to both Battle Royale and Save the World game modes, as well as 4K support for Xbox One X.

The new Battle Royale update adds smoke grenades, sorely lacking from the PUBG-like since release. Smoke grenades can be found in all container types and randomly as spawned loot on the floor, providing a handy cloud of smoke to escape from or distract your foes.

Leaderboards have also been added to Battle Royale, so you can see how you stack up globally measured by wins. This highlights the top 50 players for the game mode, as well as a separate scoreboard showing total experience gained.

In the other game mode, Save the World, nine new Vindertech weapons have been added including a Disintegrator shotgun, Slammer hammer and Jolter sniper rifle.

Xbox One X support for the game adds options up to 4K resolution, pushing the game's visual quality to what you'd see on PC at Epic graphical settings.

You can read through all the bugs and the rest of the Fortnite patch notes here.


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