How to upgrade Weapons and Enhancements in Darksiders 3

Make sure Fury's gear is up to spec by learning how to upgrade her weapons and enhancements in Darksiders 3.

Throughout the course of Darksiders 3 you’ll get the chance to upgrade Fury’s weapons and enhancements, making her into an even deadlier, whip-wielding ball of destruction. You won’t have the option to upgrade from the start of the game, but it becomes a crucial part of improving your loadout as your progress further. In this article we’ll be covering the basics of how to upgrade your weapons and enhancements in Darksiders 3.

How to upgrade your weapons and enhancements

As with the two previous titles, you’ll need to meet up with a blacksmith to start upgrading your stuff. As Fury’s story takes us back to Earth it’s none other than Ulthane, the Maker of Haven, that’ll be helping us out again (though given the series’ confusing chronology, this’d actually be the first time…). Once you meet up with Ulthane in the tree at Haven he can upgrade both weapons and enhancements, provided you have the requisite parts.

Upgrading weapons

© THQ Nordic
© THQ Nordic

To improve weapons you first need to collect Adamantine, a metal you’ll find scattered around the world in different sizes. Adamantine can be found in Slivers, Fragments, Pieces and Chunks, and the further you upgrade weapons, the more you’ll need of the larger and rarer parts. It’ll take a while to collect enough Adamantine, so in the early stages we recommend spending your supply of souls on improving your attributes instead. If you’re really struggling to find the goods you need, Vulgrim will also sell a selection of crafting materials, albeit at a high price.

Once you’ve collected the right parts, speak to Ulthane and select Upgrade Weapon. You’ll then see a box on the right of the screen which tells you how much Adamantine is required for each of your weapons. As long as you’ve got the goods and the souls to pay, you can then hold down the Upgrade button to improve your chosen weapon.

Upgrading enhancements  

© THQ Nordic
© THQ Nordic

Along with straight up stat upgrades, you can also stick enhancements into your weapon slots to tweak them further in unique manners. You’ll find them hidden around the world, but you can also buy some from Vulgrim if you’re after a faster route.

Unlike weapon upgrades, enhancements require a bit more thought, letting you choose between a Demonic or Angelic path. The Demonic route typically boosts damage, while the Angelic side usually provides healing or survival benefits. Enhancements begin Unfocused, without any leaning towards Demonic or Angelic. Once you’ve put enough upgrades into one path you’ll also be given the chance to upgrade them to Balanced, giving you the benefits of both routes.

In order to upgrade your Enhancements you’ll first need to collect Artifacts, another resource scattered throughout the world. Boost an enhancement far enough and you’ll also need to collect Essence of the Chosen. For the most part these are only earned through besting Chosen enemies. The type of enemy you beat determines which Artifact you’ll receive, so if you’re after damage you’ll first need to find some demonic Chosen. Check with Ulthane for the specific Artifacts and materials you need for each enhancement.

Now that you know how to upgrade your weapons and enhancements, make sure you check back in with Ulthane regularly to keep Fury as powerful as possible. Be sure to check out the other Darksiders 3 guides we have available here at AllGamers to improve your skills as a horsewoman of the apocalypse.

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