COD patch nerfs the BAR, fixes Headquarters

You'll never be lonely again in HQ.

The latest big patch for Call of Duty: WW2 applies some big balance changes including a nerf to the most powerful AR, the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle.

Since release the BAR had quickly established itself as the best weapon in the game. Its rapid 3-4 shot kill potential over short and medium-to-long ranges made it a popular choice for many players. In the latest 1.06 patch, Sledgehammer have increased the recoil of the weapon, making it harder to stay on target over distance. The gun hasn’t been left lifeless, however, as the time-to-kill for the rifle still outpaces almost all weapons, even SMGs at close range.

The patch also fixes a number of exploits and bugs across maps, but more importantly, the game’s UI has been updated, and the social Headquarters space fixed. Up until today, many players were still playing HQ as a lonely solo experience, so this should, finally, let them enjoy the mode as Sledgehammer intended.

Many players have also complained about the degree of flinching (the movement of your aim/camera whenever you get shot) in the game, and Sledgehammer have said that a fix of some kind is incoming, though we don’t know when it’ll arrive.

Oddly, the team have nerfed the Primed Basic Training unlock which is one of the few ways to reduce flinching. In explanation of this, Game Director Michael Condrey stated via Twitter that the team want to move carefully with game balance, and felt that including the flinching adjustment in this patch was changing too much at once.

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