Dragon Age 4 revealed at TGA 2018

A brief teaser trailer for Dragon Age 4 was unveiled at The Game Awards 2018.

At The Game Awards 2018, a short teaser trailer for Dragon Age 4 was unveiled. While the trailer doesn’t show much (or anything really) it’s nevertheless exciting to have Dragon Age 4 officially confirmed. In place of the title, an ominous hashtag was attached to the trailer… #TheDreadWolfRises.

Dragon Age fans have been left with a million questions, and BioWare seems to have intentionally created the trailer to be sparse. On Twitter, BioWare shared plans to reveal more information with the text, “I suspect you have questions… #TheDreadWolfRises.”

We hope BioWare shares even more details on Dragon Age 4 in the weeks ahead. Until then, check out the teaser trailer above and let us know down in the comments below what you think Dragon Age 4 is all about!

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