Amazon's Alexa will now accept Destiny 2 commands

If that's a thing you'd like.

Amazon’s Alexa assistant can now accept questions regarding Destiny 2 lore, as well as send messages and equip items.

If you’re a owner of the device, you can now download the Destiny 2 Ghost skill. It includes over 1000 custom voice lines from Nolan North and as well as relaying information on the backstory, has a few helpful abilities too. The Ghost can recommend in-game activities, send messages to your friends and equip up to four different armor loadouts you set for each activity. Here’s some footage of the gear swapping in action:

You’ll need to use the unique phrase “Alexa, ask Ghost” or “Alexa, tell Ghost” to activate it, so unless you’re friends with some oddly named folk, it shouldn’t interfere with regular use.

You can also ask the Ghost for social information, requesting information in who in your clan is online or details of various features, as shown below:

To tie in with the release, Amazon and Bungie are also releasing an Alexa-compatible wifi speaker in the shape or your little ghost buddy. It’s a tad expensive for our tastes, however, at $89.99. The skill is available to download now, and the limited edition speaker ships December 19.

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