How to save the game in Hades

Make sure all of your progress has been properly stored by learning how to save in Hades.

If you recently decided to check out Hades from Supergiant, you may be wondering how to save the game. As you run through Hades, you’ll notice there’s no manual save. Instead, Hades tracks your progress through an internal autosave feature. Wondering if it’s safe to close out your game for the night? We’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to save the game in Hades!

How to Save the Game in Hades

Save your current progress in Hades
To save the game, you'll want to trigger the autosave feature in Hades.
© Supergiant

As stated above, when it comes to how to save the game in Hades, you’ll have to rely on the autosave feature. When you first start playing Hades, you’ll get a notification that Hades operates on an autosave. How does this work? Well, your actions when playing – like when you die and are reborn in the House of Hades – are saved automatically.

This means that if exit the game after dying, your unlocks from your previous run will have been saved. Then, when you return to the game, you’ll be able to jump back into your saved game by selecting your current save slot. In the future, it’s possible that Supergiant may add a manual save feature for players who want to make doubly sure their progress has been saved before exiting the game.

Death will trigger the autosave feature in Hades
You can trigger the autosave feature when you die and are reborn in the House of Hades.
© Supergiant

Until then, the best way to save in Hades is to trigger the autosave. There are countless ways to trigger the autosave, though two of the most obvious are moving to a new area after clearing the current area of enemies, and dying. You’ll know the autosave has triggered when the red emblem (seen at the bottom of the save slot screen in the image above) appears.

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By reading through this guide, you should now know how to save the game in Hades.

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