How to upgrade attributes in Hades

Visit the Mirror of Night to upgrade various attributes and skills in Hades.

While playing through Hades, players have been asking how to upgrade their attributes. In Hades, attributes take the form of skills which you can increase in order to improve their effectiveness. For example, if you want more health, you’ll want to increase your Chthonic Vitality.

To upgrade attributes, you’ll need to earn Darkness by exploring the Underworld in Hades. Once you’ve accrued enough Darkness, you can visit the Mirror of Night. Having a hard time upgrading your attributes? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Below, we’ve put together a guide on how to upgrade attributes in Hades!

How to Upgrade Attributes in Hades

Mirror of Night in Hades
To upgrade attributes in Hades, visit the bedroom of Zagreus and interact with the Mirror of Night.
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To upgrade your attributes in Hades, you’ll need to explore the Underworld and collect Darkness. As you make your way through different doors, pay attention to the symbols on each door. To collect Darkness, you’ll want to look for a symbol that appears as a black gem. The more Darkness you collect, the more attributes you can upgrade.

To upgrade your attributes, you’ll need to die in Hades and respawn in the House of Hades. There, make sure you talk to each different God before heading to the bedroom of Zagreus located in the lower right corridor. After entering the bedroom of Zagreus, head over to the large mirror on your left. This mirror is called the “Mirror of Night” and by pressing “E” to “Reflect” you’ll be able to view and upgrade your attributes.

In the upper right corner, you can view how much Darkness you have available. Using this Darkness, you can increase certain skills like Shadow Presence, or reallocate your Darkness to other skills like Infernal Soul. To unlock even more attributes, you’ll need to earn Skeleton Key rewards in the Underworld. Using Skeleton Keys, you can unlock new attributes to spend Darkness on.

Spend Darkness to upgrade attributes in Hades
You'll need to spend Darkness to upgrade attributes. To earn Darkness, explore the Underworld of Hades and keep an eye out for doors with black gem symbols.
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Similar to Darkness, you can earn Skeleton Key rewards by exploring the Underworld in Hades. Again, pay attention to the different symbols on each door. If you need Skeleton Keys, choose doors with Skeleton Key symbols on them if the option is available. For the most part, you’re only given one door to pass through. However, sometimes you get lucky and have two, even three doors to choose from.

If one of these doors has a Skeleton Key symbol and you’re one Skeleton Key away from unlocking a new attribute, pass through that door and defeat all enemies in that area to earn a Skeleton Key reward. Keep in mind that you can run through the Underworld as much as you like, and once you collect a reward such as Darkness or a Skeleton Key, you’ll retain it even after death.

So, what attributes have you upgraded in Hades so far? Let us know down in the comments below! For more on Hades, be sure to check out some of our previous guides including how to save in Hades, what happens when you die in Hades, and how to get into the Early Access for Hades.

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to upgrade and unlock attributes in Hades.

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