What do the door symbols mean in Hades?

Find out what each door symbol means in Hades.

As you explore the Underworld in Hades, you’ll encounter a variety of doors with different symbols on them. Each symbol means something different, and can give you a hint as to what to expect from the next area. At first, you’ll only be given the option of one door to pass through, making identifying its symbol somewhat unnecessary.

However, as you progress through the game, you’ll begin to encounter more areas with two or more door options. At this point, you’ll likely want to know what their symbols mean in order to pick the best option depending on what you need. For example, if want to collect more Obol, you’ll want to pick the door with the Obol symbol. To help make things easier, we’ve put together a quick guide on what all of the door symbols mean in Hades.

What all of the door symbols mean in Hades

Door symbols in Hades can point to several different rewards as follows:

  • God Boons
  • Coins
  • Darkness
  • Chthonic Keys
  • Gemstones
  • Centaur Hearts
  • Nectar
  • Ambrosia
  • Charon's shop
  • Sisyphus
  • Pom of Power
  • Daedalus' Hammer
  • Boss fights

Below, we'll show you what each of these doors look like, as well as explaining the reward waiting behind.

Door symbol for Darkness in Hades
The doors in Hades feature a variety of different symbols. In this image, we see a door with a Darkness symbol on it, meaning that Zagreus can earn Darkness as a reward for clearing the next area of enemies.
© Supergiant Games

In Hades, each door symbol means something different and can help indicate what to expect from the next area. If you see a door symbol with Darkness or Gemstones on it, you can expect to earn that item as a reward once you clear the area of enemies. Alternatively, there are door symbols with different Boons on them, and doors that lead to special shop areas like those run by Charon and Sisyphus.

Rather than attempt to describe what each door symbol looks like, we’ve included images of each door symbol and what it means in Hades. Check back, as we’ll be updating this guide as new areas and sections are added to the game from Supergiant.

Skeleton Key door symbol in Hades
In this image, we see a door symbol featuring a Chthonic Key, indicating that Zagreus can earn a Cthonic Key reward after he clears the next area of enemies in Hades.
© Supergiant Games

When you encounter door symbols featuring Gemstones, Coins, or Chthonic Keys, it means that Zagreus can earn those items as a reward for clearing the next area of enemies. Using Darkness, you can upgrade your attributes. Using Coins, you can purchase items that will help you during your escape attempt in the Underworld.

Obol door symbol Hades
To collect more Coins, choose the door with the Coin symbol on it in Hades.
© Supergiant Games

With Cthonic Keys, you can unlock new weapons. Whereas Darkness will unlock better attributes for Zagreus using the Mirror of Night. If you need more Darkness, pick the door with the Darkness symbol. Alternatively, if you need more Chthonic Keys, pick the door with the Chthonic Key symbol.

Shop and Boon door symbols in Hades
Here, you can see an example of two doors with different symbols in Hades. On the left, the Skeleton Bag symbol represents Charon's Shop. On the right, the Centaur Heart indicates you can increase the Max Life of Zagreus by clearing the next area of enemies in Hades.
© Supergiant Games

As you explore the Underworld, you'll eventually have the chance to purchase items from Charon's Shop using the Coins you've collected. When it comes to door symbols, Charon's Shop is represented by a Skeleton Bag. Alternatively, there are straightforward items like the Centaur Heart that will increase the Max Life of Zagreus.

Sisyphus door symbol Hades
Pass through the door with the exclamation symbol to visit with Sisyphus and receive a free blessing in Hades.
© Supergiant Games

Unlike Charon's Shop, you can pay a visit to Sisyphus and earn a free reward by interacting with his door symbol. The door symbol preceding the area with Sisyphus is represented by an exclamation mark surrounded by three colored gems. Upon visiting Sisyphus, you can choose to receive one free gift in the form of Darkness, Coins, or Health. Note that you can only choose one of the three, so choose wisely! 

Zeus Boon symbol in Hades
By entering a door marked by a Boon symbol, you'll receive blessings from the God representing that Boon by clearing the area of enemies. In this image, you can see the Boon symbol for Zeus in Hades.
© Supergiant Games

Other items are somewhat less straightforward, like Boons from Gods, as the blessings they offer are randomized. For select Boons, you can receive stronger blessings by passing through a door with the Boon symbol on it along with a skull. By selecting a Special Boon, you'll be required to fight with tougher enemies in order to receive your reward. Click here to view our full list of God symbols in Hades.

Special Boon symbol in Hades
On the left door, you can see a symbol representing a Special Boon which requires Zagreus to fight harder enemies in exchange for a Boon with Rare or Epic stats in Hades.
© Supergiant Games

The challenge that accompanies a Special Boon is worth it in that you're more likely to receive a Boon with Rare and Epic effects. The better the blessing, the easier it'll be for you to clear areas of enemies in Hades. Additionally, you'll want to interact with different Boons in order to give gifts to their corresponding Gods. By giving gifts, you'll be able to unlock Keepsakes in Hades.

Ambrosia door symbol Hades
If you need to collect Ambrosia, you'll want to pass through doors that feature the Ambrosia symbol and clear the area of enemies to earn it as a reward in Hades.
© Supergiant Games

To give gifts to Gods, you'll want to collect Ambrosia in Hades. Ambrosia is represented by a golden vial with a purple bow at the top. By collecting Ambrosia, you'll have the option to gift it to a God by pressing "G" (or RB) when interacting with them or their Boon. In doing so, you can earn and equip Keepsakes that offer different bonuses to Zagreus. 

Pom of Power door symbol Hades
Enter a door marked by the Pom of Power to increase bonuses received from previous Boons in Hades.
© Supergiant Games

Other door symbols like those with the Pom of Power (as seen in the image above) or with the Daedalus Hammer offer items that increase the efficacy of your attacks and bonuses in Hades. For example, if you pick up the Pom of Power, you can increase the efficacy of a bonus received from a previous Boon.

Daedalus Hammer door symbol Hades
Similar to the Pom of Power, the Daedalus Hammer will increase the efficacy of your attacks in Hades.
© Supergiant Games

Meanwhile, if you grab the Daedalus Hammer, you can increase your attack power (like increasing damage dealt by your Special). The Pom of Power and Daedalus Hammer symbols are pretty easy to identify in that they look exactly as they are described. The Pom of Power looks like a pomegranate, while the Daedalus Hammer uses the golden hammer symbol. 

Boss Fight door symbol Hades
The door symbol marked by Darkness and a skull emblem indicates the next area contains a boss fight, like the one with Megaera in the Tartarus level of Hades.
© Supergiant Games

Finally, you'll eventually reach a door with a symbol featuring Darkness along with a skull. For example, when you reach the end of Tartarus, you'll encounter a boss fight with Megaera. Rather than fling you blindly into a boss fight, the game warns you that it's coming with the door symbol seen in the image above. 

If you're in Charon's Shop when you see this door symbol, you'll know that you'll want to stock up on items before making your way to the next area. To better prepare for each level's boss fight, you'll want to balance the doors you pass through. Rather than enter doors to collect Darkness and Skeleton Keys, you'll also want to collect Boons and upgrades like those offered by the Daedalus Hammer. 

Hades is all about balance, and playing in a way that best suits your style. If you're focused on unlocking better weapons, you'll want to pass through doors represented by the Skeleton Key symbol. If you're happy with your weapon but want to upgrade attributes, you'll want to collect Darkness. All in all, by recognizing these door symbols, you should have an easier time making an informed decision in Hades. 

Now that you know what each door symbol means in Hades, which one is your favorite? Let us know down in the comments below! For more on Hades, be sure to check out some of our previous guides including how to unlock all Keepsakes in Hades, how to unlock new weapons in Hades, and how to upgrade attributes in Hades.

By reading through this guide, you should now know what all of the door symbols mean in Hades.

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