Xenoblade Chronicles 2 takes center-stage on Nintendo Direct

Final release date before end of year.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will launch on Switch, December 1st, and last night’s Nintendo Direct revealed a great deal of information about the game’s story and world.

Xenoblade’s world of Alrest exists in a sea of clouds. Riding on the back of huge Titans, 6 factions are competing to find the key to reaching Elysium, a mysterious land of plenty resting atop a giant tree. These are the nature-loving Uraya, the mechanical and militaristic Mor Ardain, the oppressed Gormott, the religious Indoline Praetorium, greedy Argentum Trade Guild and the mysterious and clearly-not-baddies Torna organisation. You’ll be able to explore the titans of each faction to see a variety of different landscapes and wildlife.

In this title you take the role of Rex, a young scavenger who travels atop a much smaller and talkative Titan before being swept into the conflict when he runs into Pyra, a red haired girl hunting for Elysium.

The combat retains much familiarity with the previous Wii title, with the addition of a new “Blade” characters. These are character you’ll meet or unlock in the world which empower the main fighters (drivers) with different movesets and weapons. You can equip up to three drivers which give you special abilities that charge up during combat. You’ll unlock new Blades of different rarities by way of Core Crystals (essentially loot boxes) that release one of a random selection. Equipping different blade combinations will allow you to customize your moveset and abilities for battle.


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