Where is Xur and what is he selling in Destiny 2? 12/1

The Agent of the Nine is offering sweet business on Sweet Business, among other things.

Everyone's favorite tentacle-faced weekend vendor (we haven't checked this is accurate, but we assume there's no real competition) is back for another few days hawking exotic wares in Destiny 2, and as usual we've pinned down his location and taken a look at his inventory. Read on to find out if there's anything worth picking up.

This week, old Xur can be found loitering around the European Dead Zone in the Winding Cove region. He's pitched up shop there already and will be gone at 2am PST / 5am EST on Tuesday, December 5, so you've got a bit of time to meet his prices.

Here's what he's offering:

Sweet Business is an interesting one - the "Business Time" trait boosts the weapon's range and rate of fire when you hold down the trigger, and automatically loads any ammo pickups into the magazine, so if you're spitting hot death as you stroll over a sea of dropped ammo, you're going to be mowing down anything else left in front of you.


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