New details for Halo Infinite emerge

During a live stream on Mixer, 343 Industries revealed new information about their upcoming game, Halo Infinite.

New details for Halo Infinite were recently shared as part of a Mixer stream from developer 343 Industries. First, one thing fans of the franchise will likely recognize and appreciate when playing Halo Infinite is the expanded segment of player customization heavily inspired by Halo Reach. For those unable to play Halo Infinite on Xbox One, it was confirmed that the game is being optimized for PC.

343 noted that the Slipspace Engine of Halo Infinite was created specifically with PC users in mind and that PC will be treated as a “first-class citizen.” When Halo 5: Guardians launched without split screen, many gamers expressed deep disappointment and appealed to 343 to patch the mode in.

According to a statement made by 343 to IGN, releasing Halo 5: Guardians without split screen was “one of the most difficult [decisions] we’ve ever had to make as a studio.” Fortunately, Halo Infinite offers a chance to set things right, as it’ll feature the highly requested 4-player split screen co-op mode from the get-go.

343 Offers New Details on Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite from developer 343 Industries
A solid chunk of information on Halo Infinite dropped during the latest Mixer live stream from 343 Industries.
© 343 Industries

Other elements of note in Halo Infinite (as recapped by this Reddit post) include the return of Black Undersuits, Anti Cheat for PC, a special reward for players who reach Level 152 in Halo 5, and the start of a Halo: Infinite Pro Team. The initial teaser for Halo Infinite debuted at E3 2018 back in June, though it served as more of a teaser for the game’s Slipspace Engine rather than the game itself.

While no release date has been announced, an Early Access period (called a “flighting program” by 343) will be available for select players. Chris Lee, FPS head at 343, explained on the stream that, “The flighting program isn’t like a beta, where it’s a moment in time on Halo 5 like we had for a couple weeks. We want to have a relationship, and we want to build that over time. We can have people giving us feedback and playing the experiences, and we can update it as we go.”

Sign-ups for the Halo Infinite “flighting program” will begin “soon” although, again, no release date was provided. As we wait for additional information on Halo Infinite, what do you think of the details shared during the stream? Are you excited to play Halo Infinite on PC, or are you looking forward to trying out the new customization options? Let us know down in the comments below!

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