How to build a Taming Pen in Atlas

Learn how to trap and tame animals by building your own Taming Pen in Atlas.

You’ll encounter many different beasts as you explore the world of Atlas, and while you will spend most of your time fighting them, you’ll also have the chance to tame many too. By building a Taming Pen you’ll be able to turn some of the world's most dangerous foes into friends, or even mounts to ride across the land. In this guide we’ll teach you how to build a Taming Pen in Atlas and use it to convert animals to your team.

How to build a Taming Pen

Crafting schematic for a gate - How to build a Taming Pen in Atlas
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A Taming Pen is nearly essential for your Atlas adventures, so it’s important to learn how to build one properly. The first step in designing your pen is making sure it’s big enough for the creature you’re intending to catch. Obviously a bear needs a bit more room than a wolf, but in either case you want to make sure there’s enough room for the creature to move a little, as you don’t want it to bug out and hit you through the walls. We recommend a 4x4 design to start, which you can then improve on if needed in future.

Your pen needs a large gate on one side through which you can lure the animal, and then a smaller door at the other end you can escape through before shutting it behind you. You’ll also need to make sure you have enough time to run round and close the gate again before your target escapes (a friend can also help here by shutting the game behind you).

Trapping a creature isn’t enough to convert it to your team, and before you can begin taming you first need to bring your target’s health down to under 20%. To make this process easier, build some windows into the roof of your pen so that you can damage the beast without putting yourself at risk. Once its health falls below 20%, use Bolas — crafted at a Loom — to knock it out, then feed it with its preferred food. You’ll need to repeat these steps several times before you completely tame it, but at the end you’ll be rewarded with your very own pet beastie.

Now that you’ve learned how to build a Taming Pen, why not put it to work? Click here to follow our guide on how to tame a wolf in Atlas. We have more guides for Atlas on the way soon, so check back again with us here at AllGamers in the next few days. Got your own Taming Pen design? Let us know in the comments below!

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