How to get your first ship fast in Atlas

The fastest way to get a ship and start sailing the waves in Atlas.

A big part of Atlas is mastering the waves, and while it’s possible to get a crummy little raft to help you cross water, you’ll want to invest in your own ship as soon as possible. The fanciest vessels will take you a lot of time and work to obtain, but we can help you set sail with a speedy ship in much less time. Read on to learn how to get your first ship fast in Atlas.

How to get your first ship fast in Atlas

How to get your first ship fast in Atlas
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The fastest way to get your first ship in Atlas is to buy a Ramshackle Sloop. These can be purchased from any of the ship salesmen you’ll encounter at Freeports across the word. If you don’t know where to look, head to the docks and walk right to the end.

Speaking to a ship salesman will offer the choice between a raft or a ramshackle sloop. The former, while handy for crossing water, doesn’t offer much control over your direction or speed. The ramshackle sloop may not be a perfect vehicle, but it does set you up to explore the world more freely. And let’s be honest, you can’t really call yourself a pirate without a ship now can you?

To buy a ramshackle sloop you’ll need to collect the following materials:

  • Fiber - 225
  • Hide - 75
  • Wood - 250

It’s also possible to build yourself a more reliable Sloop ship, and while you’ll be crafting plenty of vessels down the line, buying the ramshackle sloop skips the requirement for a shipyard, more materials and certain skills. It’s easily the fastest way to get yourself out a boat and enjoying the freedom the seas provide.
Now that you know how to get your first ship fast in Atlas, why not learn some other useful skills? We have guides to help you build a taming pen, and then put your skills to the test by taming a wolf or even a bear.

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