Where to find Irxis Partisan in Destiny 2

We'll help you track down Irxis Partisan and complete the Spider's latest Wanted Bounty in Destiny 2!

In Destiny 2, players have been wondering where to find Irxis Partisan, the latest Wanted Bounty on offer from the Spider. To unlock this weekly Wanted Bounty, you’ll first need to find and talk to the Spider over at the Tangled Shore. There, you’ll be able to purchase assignments from the Spider using Ghost Fragments, including Wanted: Irxis Partisan.

With the Wanted: Irxis Partisan bounty unlocked in Destiny 2, you’ll then need to venture over to the Gulch within the EDZ. To help make the process easier, we’ve put together a quick guide on where to find Wanted: Irxis Partisan in Destiny 2!

Where to Find Wanted: Irxis Partisan in Destiny 2

Irxis Partisan spawns in the Gulch area of the EDZ in Destiny 2.
To complete the latest Wanted Bounty from the Spider, you'll need to locate Irxis Partisan in the Gulch area of the EDZ in Destiny 2.
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In Destiny 2, players have the ability to purchase Wanted Bounties from the Spider, including Wanted: Irxis Partisan. If you have 4 Ghost Fragments on hand, head over to the Tangled Shore and speak with the Spider to purchase the Wanted: Irxis Partisan bounty. By completing this Weekly Bounty, you’ll be able to earn various rewards including an Enhancement Core.

The lore text for Wanted: Irxis Partisan reads: “Keep an eye on your radar. You won’t find this one hiding!” It then specifies you can find Wanted: Irxis Partisan within the Gulch region of the EDZ. With these instructions, you'll know to head over to the Gulch area of the EDZ which is located near Firebase Hades and the Sludge.

Inside the Gulch, you’ll need to keep a vigilant eye out for Irxis Partisan. One thing we found helpful is that once you're in close proximity to Irxis Partisan, a notification will pop up that reads: “A high-value target is nearby.” As with other Wanted Bounties, Irxis Partisan is a random spawn, meaning you can find him anywhere within the Gulch.

Irxis Partisan can be found in the Gulch area of the EDZ in Destiny 2.
To find Irxis Partisan, head to the Gulch area of the EDZ which is located near Firebase Hades and the Sludge in Destiny 2. Keep in mind, that Irxis Partisan spawn at random, meaning the exact location for this Wanted Bounty is subject to change.
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Because of this, we recommend climbing up to a spot where you can look down over the area. Note that you’ll also want to deal damage as soon as you spot him, as you’ll be unable to complete and claim the Wanted Bounty if another player happens upon Irxis Partisan first. With Irxis Partisan defeated, you can return to the Spider and collect your Legendary rewards.

If you’re still struggling to track Irxis Partisan down, be sure to check out the video below courtesy of YouTube user 360GameTV as they offer a clear view of what Irxis Partisan looks like. Again, Irxis Partisan spawns at random meaning the location shown in the video won’t necessarily be the location that Irxis Partisan spawns for you.

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By reading through this guide, you should now know where to find Wanted: Irxis Partisan in Destiny 2.

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