All Ability and Ultimate charge times in Apex Legends

Learn how long it takes to charge every Ability and Ultimate in Apex Legends with our comprehensive guide.

There are now nine different characters to learn in Apex Legends, each with their own unique and valuable abilities to master. While the game’s tutorial does a good job of teaching you the basics, finer details like the recharge time on each of them isn’t covered in detail, especially when it comes to Ultimates. If you’ve been wondering whether Lifeline or Gibraltar charges faster, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide we’ll detail every Ability and Ultimate charge time in Apex Legends.

All Ability and Ultimate charge times in Apex Legends

All Ability and Ultimate Charge Times in Apex Legends
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Each character’s Ultimate is unique, and to balance out the weak and strong ones they all charge at different rates. Your Tactical Ability (e.g. Lifeline’s D.O.C. Heal Drone) will be available as soon as you land, but your Ultimate will only begin charging from 0-100% the second you touch down from the dropship. This means those who land earlier on the map will charge their first Ultimate faster than those who jump late.

We’ve listed every Legend below, along with the charge times on their Tactical and Ultimate Abilities. Check the table for your hero and take note of the charge time so that you’re aware of this next time you hop into a game.


Tactical Ability

Charge Time

Ultimate Ability

Charge Time


Eye of the Allfather


Beast of the Hunt

3m 30s


Dome of Protection

20s after shield falls

Defensive Bombardment

4m 20s


D.O.C. Heal Drone

1m after drone deploys

Care Package



Grappling Hook


Zipline Gun

1m 30s


Into the Void


Dimensional Rift

2m 30s


Smoke Launcher

30s per charge (stores 2)

Rolling Thunder

4m 30s


Psyche Out


Vanishing Act



Nox Gas Trap

25s per charge (stores 3)

Nox Gas Grenade

2m 30s



6s Duration, 2s charge

Launch Pad

1m 30s

It’s worth noting that Ultimate Accelerants will always boost your charge by 20% regardless of the total charge time, so it’s well worth handing them over to those who take longer to built their Ultimate up. As we stated in our Lifeline guide, you should pretty much always be feeding them to her if she’s on your team. Don’t be afraid to make use of Wraith and Pathfinder’s Ultis just for traversal, as both charge very quickly. Caustic's Ultimate should also be used in practically every encounter thanks to its speedy charge time.

Now that you’ve learned all of Apex Legends’ Ability and Ultimate charge times, why not study some other aspects of the game? Over here we’ve got all item and armor statistics, while here we’ve got a guide for how to play Gibraltar well in Apex Legends.

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