New Havoc Rifle added to Apex Legends

Wreak havoc in Apex Legends.

A brand new energy rifle called the Havoc has been added to Apex Legends. Teased on the official Twitter account for Apex Legends yesterday, the Havoc Rifle is now available for all players should they be able to find it in King’s Canyon.

New Havoc Energy Rifle Added to Apex Legends

The latest weapon to be added to Apex Legends is the Havoc Rifle.
The latest weapon to be added to Apex Legends is the Havoc Rifle.
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The newest addition to Apex Legends is the Havoc Rifle. Accompanying the weapon’s release is a brief teaser trailer which offers insight into how the weapon works. On EA’s website, the Havoc Rifle is described as a “full-auto energy rifle” that “joins the Hemlock as one of the arena’s highest damage-per-shot weapons in auto-fire mode.”

Adding a unique edge to the Havoc Rifle is the fact that it’s the arena’s “only hitscan weapon in charge beam mode.” What’s more, the Havoc Rifle uses energy ammo and can be equipped with not one, but two hop-ups. These hop-ups include the Turbocharger, which eliminates autofire spin-up time, and the Selectfire Receiver, which enables charge beam alt-fire mode.

The Selectfire Receiver is particularly useful when paired with the Havoc, as it allows the gun to fire single shots and act akin to a precision sniper. If you’ve used the Devotion in Apex Legends, the Havoc Rifle feels like an upgraded, heavier version. While somewhat difficult to find in Apex Legends, we’ve had luck picking up the Havoc Rifle in High-Tier Loot areas where the Devotion is normally found such as the Thunderdome and The Pit.

Like other weapons in Apex Legends, you can unlock new skins for the Havoc Rifle by opening up Apex Packs. The Havoc Rifle is now available in Apex Legends across all platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin. For more on the Havoc Rifle, be sure to check out the teaser trailer for the weapon down below!

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