How to customize and paint your Javelin in Anthem

Push your shiny suit to the max in both style and substance by learning how to customize your Javelin in Anthem.

At the core of Anthem’s experience is your Javelin, so it’s important to make sure you’re comfortable with each and every aspect of it. Anthem gives a lot of freedom to customize your Javelins in gadgets, weaponry and looks, and while a flash new skin will impress your friends, the right weapon can decide a battle. In this article we’ll take you through how to customize and paint your Javelin in Anthem.

How to customize and paint your Javelin in Anthem

How to customize and paint your Javelin in Anthem
Thanks to Shacknews for the images. © BioWare

To customize your Javelin, you’ll need to head to the Forge, as it’s here you can craft upgrades and new gear, as well as install them in your suit. There are also a range of visual customization options to tweak your Javelin until it’s juuust right

Once in the Forge, select the Loadout tab to be shown the Javelin you’re currently using and given a range of options to adjust it.Each Javelin type has some unique customization options (Interceptor lets you swap out the Assault, Strike and Support Systems, while Storm lets you swap the Blast, Focus and Support Seals), so you’ll want to check with each type once you get it.

You’ll need to play around with each of these slots for the different Javelins you own, as making adjustments here can significantly alter how you take on enemies in the field. There are plenty of different playstyles you can create here, so we’ll leave it up to you to explore and have fun with them.

If you want to change how your Javelin looks, swap to the Appearance tab. You’re given quite a few different options here again, split into different parts of the suit. The primary regions you can adjust are as follows:

  • Helmet
  • Torso
  • Arms
  • Legs

In addition to these, you’ll also spy some more interesting options. These are:

  • Vinyls - preset sticker patterns you can plaster over your Javelin. These can be bought or earned as you play.
  • Wear State - changes the finish of the metal paint on your Javelin, letting you change it from pristine to a more well worn look.
  • Animations - contains all the real fun stuff, from emotes to victory poses and arrival animations.
  • Paint - Lets you pick unique colors and materials for different parts of your suit.
How to change Javelin appearance in Anthem
Thanks to Shacknews for the images. © BioWare

Painting is the most advanced of the options available here, and will let you pick both a color and Material for each section of your Javelin. There’s a color picker if you click the tab next to each section, which means you can really design a Javelin that’s going to turn heads.

Not that you know how to customize and paint your Javelin, take it out for a spin and show it off to the world! Once you’re done having fun, pop back here for more useful Anthem guides. After all, if you want to keep customizing and crafting then you’ll need a good supply of Weapon Parts. Aching for more Coins? We’ve got a guide for the best way to earn them!

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