How to read damage numbers in Apex Legends

Learn to read damage numbers, and adjust how your damage numbers display in Apex Legends.

In Apex Legends, the damage numbers you see manage to convey a wealth of information beyond the confirmation that you’ve hit your opponent. For example, the damage numbers in Apex Legends reveal what type of body armor your opponent is wearing and whether you’ve landed a headshot or body shot.

To make things easier, you can also change how the damage numbers appear in Apex Legends. Confused? We’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve put together a full guide on how to read damage numbers in Apex Legends!

How to Read Damage Numbers in Apex Legends

Damage numbers can help relay info on your opponent such as what body armor they have equipped in Apex Legends.
Damage numbers can help relay info on your opponent such as what body armor they have equipped in Apex Legends.
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Damage numbers in Apex Legends contain a few different facts about your enemy including what type of body armor they have on, and if you managed to land a headshot. The way these are conveyed is in both symbols and colors. If you land a body shot and your opponent is wearing Epic (Purple) Body Armor, the damage number will display in purple.

Meanwhile, all headshots will display in the Legendary yellow color regardless of what armor the enemy has equipped. Once you whittle down your opponent’s armor, the damage number colors will change to red to indicate you’ve now begun to whittle down their health. By default, damage numbers are set to display as an individual number for every shot you land.

If you’re struggling to read the damage numbers in Apex Legends, you can adjust how they display by digging into the game’s settings menu. Inside the settings menu, select the Gameplay tab, then scroll until you find the Damage Numbers option. Here, you can toggle between Off, Stacking, Floating, or Both. Finding the ideal way for damage numbers to display in Apex Legends requires a bit of experimentation.

Below, we’ve included a breakdown on what each display setting means in relation to damage numbers in Apex Legends.

  • Off: This option turns off damage number display completely. If you’re confident in your skills and don’t want any added distraction, you may prefer the Off setting.
  • Stacking: To simplify how damage numbers display, you turn the Stacking option on. Stacking shows a combined number of all damage dealt, rather than a number for each damage event.
  • Floating: The Floating option shows a number for each damage event, such as damage Body Armor, headshot, etc.
  • Both: Combines the mechanics of Floating and Stacked to show both event damage and combined total damage.

The default display setting for damage numbers in Apex Legends is Floating. It’s the most comprehensive look at damage numbers, but can be hard to read, especially in the heat of battle. If you’re having a hard time reading damage numbers, we recommend trying out the Stacking option, or combining the two with the Both option.

After experimenting with how damage numbers display in Apex Legends, what is your preferred setting? Off, Stacking, Floating, or Both? Let us know down in the comments below! For more on Apex Legends, be sure to check out some of our previous guides including how to play Wraith in Apex Legends, how to get the Twitch Prime Pack for Apex Legends, and all Ability and Ultimate charge times in Apex Legends.

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