All new pinnacle weapons in Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter

Learn about the three new pinnacle weapons arriving in Season of the Drifter for Destiny 2.

The next season for Destiny 2 has now arrived, giving players a wealth of new activities, missions and weapons to try out. Season of the Drifter brings big changes to Gambit, but perhaps more crucially it also introduces three new Pinnacle weapons.

If you’ve not encountered them before, Pinnacle weapons can only be earned in some manner of end-game grind in Destiny 2. Below, we’ll run you through all the new pinnacle weapons introduced in Season of the Drifter along with some details on their perks.

All new pinnacle weapons in Season of the Drifter

The three new pinnacle weapons introduced in Season of the Drifter are an SMG called The Recluse, a scout rifle called Oxygen SR3, and a heavy machine gun called 21% Delirium. As of now there aren’t any details on on how you’ll go about earning these weapons, but Bungie has given us a few delectable details on the guns themselves and their perks, which we’ve included below.

The Recluse SMG - Crucible Pinnacle Weapon

All new pinnacle weapons in Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter
© Bungie

The Recluse is a Crucible pinnacle weapon and comes with a unique perk that grants a brief boost to damage after each kill. This sounds like a great choice for any aggressive players out there who like to push their advantage, driving a wedge into the enemy team.

Oxygen SR3 Scout Rifle - Vanguard Pinnacle Weapon

All new weapons in Season of the Drifter Destiny 2
© Bungie

Oxygen SR3 is the Vanguard pinnacle weapon and its perk grants a boost to damage based on the number of precision hits made previously. Scout Rifles are one of the weakest choices in Destiny 2 right now, so unless some big changes for them arrive with Season of the Drifter, we can’t imagine the Oxygen SR3 being top of most Guardians’ wish lists.  

21% Delirium Heavy Machine Gun - Gambit Pinnacle Weapon

Delirium heavy machine gun season of the drifter Destiny 2
© Bungie

21% Delirium is a Gambit pinnacle weapon, and much like The Recluse, its unique perk grants a bonus to damage each time you land a kill. The key difference here is that 21% Delirium’s perk stats that kills will continue to increase your damage until the weapon is stowed or reloaded. We expect 21% Delirium to be an extremely popular choice when Gambit Prime arrives and the invasions start kicking off. For more information on Season of the Drifter, take a look at the explainer video from Bungie below:

Which pinnacle weapon are you most excited for in Season of the Drifter? Let us know in the comments below! We’ll have plenty more Season of the Drifter guides and updates for you arriving soon, so be sure to regularly check back with our Destiny 2 content here at AllGamers.

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