How to earn Player Points fast in Dead or Alive 6

Learn the best and fastest ways to earn Player Points in Dead or Alive 6.

Dead or Alive 6 is filled with costumes ranging from ridiculous to raunchy, but if you want to purchase them and other items then you’ll need to save up a good number of Player Points first. These are DOA6’s form of in-game currency, and are required for most unlocks.  Fortunately, Player Points can be earned in quite a few ways. Below, we’ll cover how to earn Player Points fast in Dead or Alive 6.

How to earn Player Points fast in DOA6

How to earn Player Points fast in Dead or Alive 6
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While Online Matches are the heart of any fighter, solely playing games online isn’t the best way to earn those valuable Player Points. Instead, we recommend spending your time in the DOA Quest mode. This is essentially a challenge mode which will ask you to complete certain tasks when you fight against CPU opponents. Complete these challenges and you’ll be rewarded with plentiful Player Points, and even an extra bonus if you manage all three tasks in a single fight. Completing even just a few of these can earn you thousands of Player Points to spend, but do be aware that the challenges will get tougher and tougher as you progress.

If Quest mode isn’t your thing or you’ve run up against a wall with difficulty, there are other decent ways to rack up Player Points. Trying out the Combo Challenge for each character is another great way to build up a bank. You’ll earn points as you progress through each Combo Challenge, but the game won’t tell you, so check your total on the main menu after to see how much you’ve earned. Each reward ranges between 250-2,500 Player Points. Finishing the full set will get you a total of 4,250 Points. It’s nowhere near as fast as Quest Mode, but still worth a look in.

You can earn Player Points by playing general matches both off and online, but it’s really slow going, so you shouldn’t rely on it for getting the rewards you want. Stick to Quest mode and Combo Challenges and you’ll have all the points you need in no time.

Now that you know how to earn Player Points fast, you should learn how to spend them in Dead or Alive 6. To that end, read our guide on how to unlock costumes in Dead or Alive 6.

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