How to get a Weak Synthesizer in Destiny 2

Learn how to get a Weak Synthesizer and what it's for in Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter.

Season of the Drifter has commenced for Destiny 2, arriving with an update that adds a wealth of new activities and weapons. The Reckoning is one of the new game modes added, but if you want to get involved with it you’ll first need to get a Weak Synthesizer. Never heard of one of that before? Not to worry, in this guide we’ll teach you how to get a Weak Synthesizer in Destiny 2.

How to get a Weak Synthesizer in Destiny 2

How to get a Weak Synthesizer in Destiny 2
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To get a Weak Synthesizer, you’re going to need to complete the User Testing quest, one of the first you’ll be given in Season of the Drifter. To kick things off, head to The Drifter, who can now be found close to the Black Armor vendor.

Speak with him and you’ll be given the User Testing quest, which asks you to complete a Prime Daily Bounty. These are challenges within the new Gambit Prime mode, and finishing any of your current daily ones will do. If you can, you might as well try and knock all of them off your list though as you’ll net better rewards.

Return to The Drifter once you’re finished and he’ll hand you a Weak Synthesizer, the item required to enter The Reckoning. If you’ve not been swotting up on Season of the Drifter’s new additions, The Reckoning is an updated version of Gambit. To use the Weak Synthesizer, you need to use a Synth type with it. You can earn Synths by Completing Daily Prime Bounties, which will reward you with one of the following types: Collector Synth, Invader Synth, Reaper Synth and Sentry Synth.

Combine one of these with the Weak Synthesizer to create a Weak Mote of that type. When you enter The Reckoning, you’ll wager this before competing. Fail to complete the task and you’ll lose the mote, but complete it and you’ll net yourself some new Gambit armor.

By reading this guide you’ll hopefully have learned how to get a Weak Synthesizer in Destiny 2, but there’s plenty more to see and do in Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter. We’ll have guides for all the new Pinnacle weapons on the way soon, so stay tuned!

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