Gambit Prime armor perks in Destiny 2

Learn what set bonus do and how to get them in our break down of the Gambit Prime armor perks in Destiny 2.

Season of the Drifter for Destiny 2 has officially started, and brings a healthy chunk of new content to the game. Along with new Pinnacle weapons and Exotics, the biggest new additions are Gambit Prime and The Reckoning. By competing in these you’ll be able to earn special Gambit Prime armor sets that offer intriguing perks to play with. These could be game changing in the right build and hands, so to help you decide which set to work towards, we’ll run you through the full list of Gambit Prime armor perks.

Gambit Prime armor perks

Gambit Prime armor perks in Destiny 2
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Pieces of Gambit Prime armor are earned by offering up motes when entering The Reckoning (assuming you win, of course). The type of mote you offer will determine which armor set you gain a part of, so it’s worth knowing the benefits of each. If you’re only just starting out on your Gambit Prime journey you’ll need to grab yourself a Weak Synthesizer first too, as its this that each synth combines with to make a mote.

There are four Gambit Prime armor sets, each with its own speciality. We’ll run through the general roles for each below, before diving into each specific perk.

Reaper: Excels at killing mobs of enemies and generating motes for your team.

Collector: Rewarded for mote collection, sends out bigger blockers.

Invader: Effective and killing enemy Guardians and stealing motes.

Sentry: Counters invaders and blockers, effective at defending the bank.

Gambit Prime Armor Perks
Illicit armor provides a +1 bonus towards that set. Thanks to Shacknews for the image © Bungie

Each Gambit Prime armor set has four unique perks. It’s possible to mix and match parts of armor from each set and gain perks from both, but in order to unlock the higher level perks, you need to be wearing multiple parts of the same armor type. Each piece offers a “plus” rating based on its rarity (+1 - Illicit, +2 - Outlawed, +3 - Notorious), so you’ll need rarer pieces to unlock the high level perks. Here’s how each one breaks down:

Armor Set/Required rating






High-Value Tracker

Pinata of Death

Long-Lasting Favor

Major Rewards

Dealing damage to high-value or non-Primeval ultra marks it, making allied attacks deal more damage.

Killing multiple enemies quickly spawn Special ammo for allies.

Motes you generate last longer.

Killing powerful enemies boosts your grenade recharge rate temporarily.



Umbral Amor


High-Yield Savings

Drop some of your motes upon death.

Picking up 5 motes quickly gives you an overshield

Grants Energy and Kinetic ammo when you bank.

Allows you to carry up to 20 motes and send Giant Blockers to the enemy.


Assassin's Munitions

Lethal Defense


Bank Robber

Energy and Kinetic ammo will slowly refill your weapons while invading.

Improves your Invasion overshield.

Killing Guardians while invading grants a damage bonus when you return to your arena.

Invading locks off the enemy team’s bank. Drain motes from the locked bank by standing near it.


Umbral Strike

Safe and Sound

Invader Tracker

Light of the Drifter

Multikills stack up a damage bonus against the next Taken enemy you hit.

Stacks up to 5x damage then resets when you hit a Taken.

Standing next to your bank regens health.

Dealing damage to Invaders marks them for your team

You and all allies have maximum resilience, mobility and recovery when in the Well of Light.

While it might seem you need a fully set to gain the bonuses of one armor build, you can also open up perks by making use of Synths. Consuming a Synth will give you a +3 bonus to one of the classes for 30 minutes. You can only apply this to one path at a time, but it can be useful to swap between perks in the middle of a fight, letting you fulfill multiple roles.

That’s all there is to know on the Gambit Prime armor perks, but we have plenty more Season of the Drifter guides for Destiny 2. To get you started, why not take a look at our guide for how to get a Sentry Synth?

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