Top FIFA 18 pro players accused of cheating

Players expose disconnection glitch that allows you to quit without recording a loss.

The FIFA 18 community is always angry about something - usually the state of the game or their pack luck - but this week's fury seems to be focused on pro players, who have been accused of using a glitch to avoid recording losses in the Weekend League, the pinnacle of in-game player-versus-player competition.

As reported by Eurogamer, the story starts with players discovering a glitch in FIFA 18. Typically, if you rage quit when you're 7-0 down after 20 minutes (or whatever), the game rewards your opponent with the win and records a defeat in your column. However, fans discovered that if you play with your PS4 tethered to your mobile phone's internet connection and then call that phone, you will be disconnected but the game doesn't record it as a defeat. The video in this tweet illustrates how it works:

(There is also some suggestion that simply turning off your console mid-match avoids recording a loss, adding to the confusion.)

The reason this is so significant is down to the Weekend League. The Weekend League is the highest level of competition in FIFA 18 - you have to qualify for it by winning the Daily Knockout Tournament, which is hard enough, and having qualified you can then play up to 40 matches between Friday and the end of the weekend to secure the game's best rewards. If you can avoid recording losses, then, you can inch your way towards a 40-0 record and secure incredible in-game content.

So far, pro player Krasimir Ivanov has been accused of using the disconnection bug to cheat in his Weekend League matches. Fans have produced videos that reportedly prove his guilt, although it's hard to verify their contents. Ivanov has firmly denied cheating, lashing out at the community and other pro players.


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