The Division 2 Firefly skill, mods and how best to use it

The Division 2's Firefly skill makes a more aggressive drone for Ubisoft's sequel.

If you're checking out The Division 2 this weekend you might want to make friends with the Firefly skill. This drone is your best friend when outgunned and surrounded, whether you want its non-lethal blinding mod or the extra-lethal chain-bomb mod. Check out what it does and how best to make use of the Firefly ability below.

The Division 2 Firefly ability

The Firefly in The Division 2 functions similarly to the new Drone ability, in that it is a flying companion which will prove a massive annoyance to enemies. However instead of acting in a support role, fixing armor or spotting enemies, the Firefly will more directly confront anyone in your path. It costs 1 ability skill point to unlock the Firefly ability tree and then 1 skill point each for every mod you unlock after. The basic playstyle for a player equipped with the Firefly gadget should be a little more reserved than a Drone user (but why not equip both and have an army of pet flying robots, the closest The Division 2 has to Hearthstone's Shaman class?).

The Division 2 Firefly mods

The Firefly tool has three mods which affect how it carries out its duties after deployment. Here's how all three work:

The Blinder Firefly acts like a flying flashbang, flashing enemies from the air and blinding them. While blind enemies are unable to aim at you or move in some cases, which leaves them open to sustained fire and allows you to reposition if caught in a bad spot of cover. Use this in conjunction with other status-inflicting weapons or mods to chain stun powerful elite enemies.

The Demolisher Firefly targets enemy weak points, Skill proxies, and explodable objects and then destroys them. This is a sort of smart bomb for your screen, allowing you to make precision shots without actually having to aim. Not particularly effective in a big firefight thanks to the long cooldown, but if you're having trouble aiming consider this your get out of jail free card.

The Burster Firefly is a bit more complex than the others. It flies around tagging enemies with magnetic shrapnel, and then if these hostiles get too close to each other it triggers a chain reaction. The explosions can also be manually triggered by killing a tagged hostile, which then sets off the explosion on the next closest enemy. This can be useful in large groups of enemies to cause widespread AoE damage. Being able to set them off yourself gives you plenty of options to plan the perfect chain reaction, too.

That's about everything there is to know about the Firefly skill in The Division 2. If you're already in game, you may want to the check out our other The Division 2 guides to get going in DC quicker.


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