All Dust Lore relic locations in Destiny 2

The Reckoning hides many secrets, and their knowledge can be yours with our guide to all Dust Lore relic locations in Destiny 2!

Each new location in Destiny 2 brings a range of collectibles to discover, and this time round The Reckoning is home to a number of Dust Lore relics that players can find to discover snippets of text about the world they’re in. While there’s no direct reward for picking them all up, curiosity alone is enough to get many players hunting. To save you time searching the land, we’ve already found all Dust Lore relic locations in Destiny 2 and will take you through them below.

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All Dust Lore relic locations in Destiny 2

All Dust Lore relic locations in Destiny 2
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There are a total of seven Dust Lores spread across The Reckoning, which means it won’t take players more than a matter of minutes to collect them all if they know where to look. Four are close to each other before passing through the portal in the Drifter’s ship, with two more near the Mote bank, and finally the last one hidden in the first arena of The Reckoning. We’ll take you through each below with more specific instructions.

Dust Lore #1: The Kell

The first Dust Lore can be picked up near the portal in the Drifter’s shop. Face the portal and turn to your left. Jump over to the square platform ahead and drop to the ground beyond to find the Dust Lore relic against the wall.

Dust Lore #2: The Red Box

Start facing the portal once more, but this time turn to the right and jump up to the platform here. Stay on it and follow the platform alond and round until you see the relic by the wall.

Dust Lore #3: The Stacks

Starting from the spawn point in the Drifter’s ship, travel to the right and follow the hallway until you reach the end of the railing walkway. Jump over it and you’ll find the Dust Lore relic against the pipes.

Dust Lore #4: The Bone

Take the same route as for Dust Lore #3, travelling right from the ship start and heading through the hallways. This time when you come into the snowy room with the large container. Don't enter it, instead walking round the right side. The Dust Lore relic will be sitting on top of a pile of supplies.

Dust Lore #5: The Gate

For the next Dust Lore relic you’ll need to travel through the portal in the Drifter’s ship. Travel to the bank, then stand looking towards the hole with the bank on your left. From here you need to travel to your right, over the snow. The snow will rise up a short distance before the small pillar before falling into a dip. It’s here you’ll find the Dust Lore relic partially covered.

Dust Lore #6: The Leviathan

Starting from the bank through the portal again, stand once more with the bank on your left, looking towards the hole. Walk forwards to the brim and spot the thin beam here. Walk along this, then turn back on yourself, towards the bank. You’ll see the relic wedged below a block of ice sticking out. You’ll need to be careful reaching it to avoid falling down and into the hole.

Dust Lore #7: The Declaration

Finally, the last Dust Lore relic is in The Reckoning, in the first, tier one arena. Jump into the hole in the floor and travel along the walkway towards the large tower. You can find the Dust Lore relic on the left side of the walkway as you travel towards the tower, right at the end.

Visiting each of the Dust Lore locations won’t take you long, which means it’s worth completing for any fans of Destiny 2’s story. If you’re after some more time consuming endeavors, consider reading our guides for the new Pinnacle weapons. We can help you get The Recluse, 21% Delirium and Oxygen SR3

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