Rainbow Six Siege hits 25m total players as Operation White Noise launches

Sustained success.

Operation White Noise has launched for Rainbow Six Siege, and Ubisoft have confirmed that the game now has 25 million registered users.

When we last checked out Siege it was alive and kicking.

The latest Operation adds three new Operators, two Korean and one Polish. Dokkaebi, Vigil and Zofia add a series of new and funky gadgets such as phone-hacking, which should shake up the standard meta. There’s also a new map in the form of Mok Myeok Tower which adds new levels of verticality to the game.

Season Pass holders will have access to the new Operators immediately, while others will need to wait until a week later to unlock or purchase them.

To mark the event, Ubisoft have revealed that Rainbow Six Siege has surpassed 25 million registered players, a magnificent result for a game that struggled shortly after its release way back in 2015. Ubisoft have put a tremendous amount of support behind the title, and it’s great to see it rewarded through continual success.

Next on the horizon is Year 3, which will kick off with Operation Chimera which will introduce a unique co-op event. More details are expected at the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational in February.

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