Where to find C4 in The Division 2's Roosevelt Island Stronghold

If you're stuck looking for C4 in the search for Emeline Shaw in Division 2's Roosevelt Island Stronghold then look no further.

Blowing stuff up in videogames is always a lot of fun, so when The Division 2 offers you the chance to grab some C4 in the Roosevelt Island Stronghold, it’s no surprise that most players are excited to give it a try. The only problem? It’s bizarrely hard to find. Fortunately, we’ve already found it and can save you a good deal of time wasted looking around. In this guide we’ll tell you exactly Where to find C4 in the Roosevelt Island Stronghold.

Where to find C4 in Roosevelt Island Stronghold

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You'll need to find the C4 to open the gate to the inner Stronghold, at which point you can locate Emeline Shaw and continue your mission against the chem-obsessed Outcasts. Don’t worry if you’re struggling though, it's not just you. The C4 in Roosevelt Island Stronghold is surprisingly difficult to find. There’s far too much at stake to waste an hour looking around, so here's where to find the sneaky C4 so you can get on with your job of saving America.

You'll be given a search area, in orange on your radar minimap, to try and find the C4 in. Naturally you might assume it's in those crates or on the truck nearby, but it's actually just past the truck inside one of the white shipping containers with yellow tape next to it. Head towards the perimeter wall from the truck and you'll find it right on the edge of the orange search area. If you get close enough to the container then the option to Interact will appear, so you'll know you've found the right one.

Now that you've found the C4 in the Roosevelt Island Stronghold, try some of our other guides for The Division 2. We can help you access the Dark Zone for the first time, or increase your Stash size to let you store more of that valuable loot!


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