Disney+ launching on PS4 first, Xbox One and Switch later?

New streaming service Disney+ officially revealed with all three consoles on the presentation.

Disney has finally shown off the much rumored Disney+ streaming service and revealed that it will be coming to consoles.

Although the only confirmed console in the presentation is Sony's PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch were also on images displayed during the announcement.

The Disney+ streaming service will launch in the US this November, bringing all your favorite Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic and even some Fox films and TV thanks to the recent merger. As a result, The Simpsons will be migrating onto the service with all 30 seasons. Wait, 30? Is it really up to 30? Wow. That's bleak. Anyway the good seasons will be in there presumably so you can just add those to your list and try to forget the other ones.

Exclusive content will also be made specifically for Disney+, and the series currently in production include spin-offs of Marvel and Star Wars bit characters. We look forward to a gritty, nine-episode mini-series about Salacious B. Crumb.

We'll update you on more information about when Disney+ will launch on consoles when we know more, hopefully that Switch and Xbox One confirmation is just a press release or infosite away.


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