The Division 2 State of the Game: Enter the Dark Zone for 515 gear

The Division 2's April 17 State of the Game confirmed 515 gear score only drops in the PvP Dark Zone, for now.

If you're playing The Division 2's endgame and looking for that elusive 515 gear score gun to boost your numbers, you may need to head into the Dark Zone.

According to today's The Division 2 State of the Game address from Ubisoft's studio Massive Entertainment, the endgame search for 515 gear score gear will encourage players head into the PvP arena to get the top drops.

However Massive employee Chris Gansler on Reddit hinted to players that this wouldn't be the only way to get 515 gear score drops, once the now-delayed raid arrives in May.

The problem for The Division 2's endgame community is that they know there will be 515 gear score drops out there now, and they want to be in the best shape possible before tackling the raid – a notoriously difficult PvE encounter to test the very hardest of agents.

In a separate post, Massive explained the reason for delaying the raid from April 25 into May, citing 'further testing and balancing' required before Title Update 3 is cleared for launch, and the raid along with it.

We're waiting for more information on how exactly 515 gear score items will be distributed through The Division 2's PvE and PvP arenas, though at the moment it looks like they will not be arriving in Heroic difficulty PvE missions.


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