Burnout Paradise servers shutting down this summer

RIP tires: The original Burnout Paradise is shutting up shop after 12 years.

Burnout Paradise is shutting down its multiplayer servers after 12 years of tearing up Paradise City.

The original Xbox 360, PS3 and PC game's servers will be shut off on August 1, however the 2018 Burnout Paradise Remastered will continue to carry the flame.

This also affects any Xbox One players playing the original through backwards compatibility, meaning you won't be able to go online or see other players racing around the iconic coastal city.

EA announced the closure on Facebook saying that hardcore fans had '106 days (or so) to finish all those barrel-roll challenges!'

If you're struggling with finding all the Burnout Paradise billboards then we can help you out with that before your time is up in the city (although you could always move on to the remaster and get all those lovely HD pixels blurring past your speedy eyes instead).

Of course, you actually have much, much longer than 106 days to complete those challenges because you can still play the game offline anyway.

What have your favorite memories of Burnout Paradise been before they shut off the servers for good?


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