PlayStation 4 has sold more than 70m units worldwide

While PlayStation VR has sold over 2m units.

Sony has announced that sales of PlayStation 4 have now exceeded 70 million units worldwide. The company's record-busting console has sold 70.6m, to be more precise.

Meanwhile, PlayStation VR has sold over two million units, which strikes us as quite a lot considering the generally downbeat assessment of virtual reality sales we see online.

Sony also threw out a couple of other stats: PS4 games have sold more than 617.8m copies worldwide through retail and digital channels, while PS VR games have sold 12.2m.

To put that in perspective, PlayStation 3 sold around 80m units in the seven years prior to the launch of PS4, which now looks on track to hit that total at least a couple of years faster than its predecessor.

PS4 still has some way to go to catch up with the original PlayStation's 120m units, though, let alone PS2's colossal 155m.

As for its rivals, Microsoft no longer reports Xbox One sales figures, but publisher EA suggested in a sales call at the start of 2016 that sales were about half that of PS4's then-36m total. It's impossible to say how Xbox One has performed since.

Nintendo Switch, meanwhile, sold 7.63m in its first six months on the market following its launch at the start of March 2017.


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